Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting/14 June 2022

WMZA Operational Meeting 14 June 2022

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  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Douglas Ian Scott
  • Deon Steyn
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Shupai Muchuchu


  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Nazeem Hardy
  • Michael Graaf

Hlezi Motha Tshepiso Ngaleka


  • Sincerity Lawrence





Kimberly Library Workshop with Local University

  • Bobby will be traveling to Kimberley to go and run an editing workshop at a library in Kimberly with librarians, he will be teaching people how to edit Wikipedia, and a report will be written afterward.

Edit Workshop Uiveristy of Mpumalanga

  • A partnership has been formed between Mpumalanga University and WikimediaZA, it will be a writing competition, in Isiswati, Indebele, and Isipedi. the aim is to translate articles, about the University, South Africa, and Notable people. Dates are still yet to be confirmed, further details are to be told after dates have been confirmed by folks from the University. It will be an online event. Prizes that are given to winners are donated from the foundation, they are a budget located for prizes. Prizes can be laptops, tablets, wifi devices..etc...

Pride Month

  • As is pride month WikimediaZA is looking at running an editing workshop with GFProjects and ExessAfrica, this editing workshop will be for the month of June and August.

Rebranding WikimediaZA Website

  • Previous Website meeting agreed to use Squarespace. Credit Payment will be actioned which will be actioned by bookkeepers (COPIA). Douglas will charge it on his credit card and will be reimbursed

Grant money at SARB

  • Chapter grant has come through but is currently waiting at the SARB. Derick (Copia) is working to release it into our account.

Kaaps language Wikipedia Incubation

  • Douglas has been speaking to academics in regards to the Wikipedia Incubation. There were tasked to look for people who will be committed to editing the Kaapse language on a volunteer base. The group just needs 5 people to start editing. People will be taught how to edit Wikipedia in the Kaapse language.
  • Deon offered his service to help and assist in the kaapse language, with the full support of Khetiwe.


  • Bobby and Douglas were contacted by Dawid from the foundation, and they received a grant application on art feminism. An edit-a-thon that will be focused on female artists. This can be taken to the Wiki gap. They didn't have a seasoned editor within the grant. They will need a veteran editor so their articles won't be deleted. As this was a project which was in the pipeline for the next grant, the Chapter can partner with them. Waiting for them to reach out to the chapter and start the work. The events will be in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, and Durban. The Chapter budget on art feminism can be used to fly to the cities. As they will be editing in English, this will be a chance to encourage them to edit in small languages.

Proposed Software and Apps for subscription, to make work efficient

  • Decisions taken
  • Techsoup registration done, next step is to get token from them and then register for Google Workspaces (email, google docs, drive, etc)

MOU with Afrikaans Acadmey

  • The needs to be diviedin two parts
  • Easy part

Describes how much we will get from the chapter. This can be reimbursed

  • Community mandate

The community can be tricky, To help fight vandalism we need to get a mandate from the Afrikaans community. If we don't get a mandate we can get a backlash. We need to explain to the community the reason for the mandate and it can be put for a vote. A number of votes need to be decided, the more votes from people the better. People can choose to vote or not, and they can also give reasons for not voting. A time period can be given for the voting. Douglas offered to assist Douglas in creating a page for Deon. Deon to put together all information about the academy and what they will need from the Chapter. General administration can be done by Shupai, Afrikaans work can be handled by the academy, and a Johannesburg person will help out with face-to-face logistics. 5 000 rands to be given to the person who will be assisting, time for the person can be increased as time goes by.

Minutes edlibes

  • If there is a competition being run within a project, prizes can be given away, if there is a budget
  • Kethiwe asked to have training on vandalism. and what it entails on vandalism. Douglas offered to train on vandalism and have someone from the foundation come and give some training as well. It was suggested that it will be on Friday the 24th at 7 pm.
  • SARS issue has not been resolved as yet, it is taking a long, SARS still yet have to give a proper update.
  • Once we have PBO registered SARS will reimburse the Chapter.
  • It was said that there are monies that need to be returned, the foundation gave the money which we requested and the foundation will send money with the difference from the money which was underspent from the previous grant.