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This page lists instances of news and media coverage related to Wikimedia ZA. It is incomplete.

Below indicates the medium of the media appearance:

  • TV -> indicates a Television or video media appearance.
  • Radio -> indicates a Radio media appearance.
  • Print -> indicates a Print media appearance.
  • Other -> indicates other media appearance.

2024 edit

  • Radio [1] (19 January 2024) - Bobby Shabangu - A South African Wikipedian and the President of Wikimedia ZA.
  • Radio ->[2](The Drive Rob & Roz En DEON) (24 February 20240

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Wikipedia 20 edit

Media referring to Wikimedia South Africa in the context of Wikipedia's 20th birthday.

Other edit

  • <please add media referrals here>

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2018 edit

Most media appearances in 2018 were connected to the Wikimania 2018 conference that was hosted by WMZA in Cape Town.

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2015 edit

  • TV Wikimania (5 April 2015), By MORLEY SAFER for 60 minutes (CBS). Interview with then Wikimedia South Africa president Dumisani Ndubane about Wikipedia South Africa.

2014 edit

See Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 Press mentions for a list of media mentions of the event organised by Wikimedia South Africa. WMZA appeared in a total of 11 media mentions during the course of that event.

  • 2014-09-08, Fine Music Radio interview, Fine Music Radio, 1:45pm.

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