Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting 5 September 2023

WMZA Board Meeting 5 September 2023 Previous Minutes:


  • Douglas Scott
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Khetiwe Marai
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Michael Graaf
  • Jan Hendrick
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Nobantu Modise


  • Veer Gosai


  • Deon Steyn
  • Veer Gosai



Presentation and adoption of the last board meeting

  • Previous minutes for the last board meeting was shared for adoption. The minutes need to be updated foe those who didn't attend.
  • PBO Status and Fiscal sponsorship, is being increased from 10 percent to 13 percent.
  • Need to take an adoption in regards to the AI
  • Douglas proposed for meeting minutes of the 11th of July 2023 to be adopted and was seconded by Ingrid with no objection, subject to amendments, of the updates.

Chapter Financial Policies

  • In the Chapter we have financial policies, and they haven't been updated in a while. Chapter financial policies are all over the place and need to be centralised.
  • They have been some issues especially when it comes to finance meetings.
  • The document will cover different policies which will help the running of the finance of the chapter and where we can always go back to get confirmation when handling and dealing with finances.
  • Bobby has done some research in regards to NGOs finance policies which helps NGO's operate their finances.
  • Bobby has worked on a draft document on finance policies, he is working on this with Douglas, Deon and Coenraad as they all sit of the finance committee.

[[1]] Bobby shared the Financial Policies and Procedures, members are encouraged to add their inputs.

  • This document will be presented at the upcoming AGM retreat for adoption.
  • Bobby shared the budget with board members who don't sit on the finance committee for the budget breakdown and how monies are received and . The chapter has 2 accounts which is the chapter account for running the chapter. as well as the Wikimedia foundation, where we use it for fiscal sponsorships as well as conference such as WikiIndaba
  • It was proposed by Douglas to open a third account for fiscal sponsorship, for external activities, which we charge 13 percent, this is to avoid a lot of confusion as the chapter is receiving a lot of money. Michael , Bobby, Ingrid, Jan seconded the proposal. Khetiwe abstained, motion was passed.

WikiIndaba Scholarships/Michael Graaf request

  • Michael sent an email weeks ago, in regards to a hacakathon, which is an device which runs wixis. Micahel and Coenraad wants to run a hackathon at the upcoming Wikiindaba conference. The project is ready and Coenraad can get hold of the device which will be utilsed.
  • Michaels proposal was approved , but he missed the deadline to request for a scholarship for Wikiindaba. Michael needs to go to Morocco to present the devices in Morocco.
  • Michael is requesting for the chapter to please sponsor him for the travel to Morocco as well sponsor for the Hackathon project.
  • Currently funds are unknown what funds the chapter has, but there are still monies which needs to be paid to the chapter from all fiscal sponsorships.
  • The hackathon budget which has been rolled over over the years and this amount can cover for the receivers.
  • Transmitters will cost about 5-8 000 rands.
  • The board needs to know the total cost of the trip aswell as the cost of the project.
  • It was requested that Michael works out the cost of the trip and project, so the chapter members can pass the proposal
  • Michael is requesting for the chapter to approve the request in principal and subject to knowing the cost
  • Michael further proposed in future, when we are faced with urgent matters, and it is before board meetings, an email can be sent to the board with a request to fast track such decisions not to miss deadlines.
  • Khetiwe, Jan, Ingrid, Douglas and Bobby supports Michaels request in principal,
  • Motion passed.

AGM/ Chapter Retreat

  • Chapter retreat will be 3 a day workshop followed by the annual AGM.
  • The main focus is to work on the Chapters 5 year .strategic plan, the chapter will invite Wikimedia foundation people to come and assist the chapter on the this 5 year strategic plan
  • The Retreat will be held in Gauteng, people who are not in Gauteng will be provided with flights and accommodation.
  • WikiIndaba is flying him to South Africa and Morocco from England.
  • Douglas is requesting for the Chapter to fly him back to England as he has relocated to England,
  • The request was approved by all board members who attended the meeting and it was an unanimous vote.
  • Volunteers are welcome in organising the event for its successful.
  • The chapter to look into getting an expect on organising. Douglas is leading in the organising of the event, Bobby, Nobantu will be part of the organising of the meeting and one is welcome

Chapter's Website Presentation

Hiring Committee/Nobantu Modise request


Next Board meeting on the 18th of November 2023