Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting 30 April 2024

The second Board Meeting for 2024 was held on 30 April 2024.

The Etherpad for this meeting can be viewed here.

Present :

  • Douglas Scott
  • Deon Steyn
  • Herschal Jackson
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Michael Graaf
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Reynard Ferreira (STDC)

Apologies :

  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Jeremiah Peterson



Investment and Insurance for Board Members

  • Presentation on Fund benifits and Q&A Session
  • (DIS) requests clarity on Directors Liability Insurance. Further advises that primary obligation of the chapter is to insure the funding is protected against inflation. No requirement to turn a profit.
  • (RF) confirms the SBIB department handles that type of insurance. Advises he will engage on behalf of chapter with department regarding DLI
  • (DS) requests clarity on access to funds in emergency
  • (RF) confirms that 100% of funds are accessible within 3 working days and without cost implication.

Special Note

  • HJ Informs board about apologies from Coenraad Loubser and passes on note from Coenraad around requirement for Board Member roles to be identified and a special session to be scheduled.

Introduction of Herschal to the Board

  • (BS) formally introduces Herschal Jackson as the new Executive Coordinator for the Wikimedia ZA Chapter.
  • (BS) further mentions the departure of Shupai Muchuchu and defines requirement for intern recruitment and appointment on contract basis with possibility of permanence of position.
  • (BS) confirms recruitment will be managed by Herschal/Ingrid/Coenraad/Jeremiah
  • (HJ) thanks Board and outlines his primary goals - To implement the Wikimedia ZA Strategy and to assist in realisation of the Chapters Goals.
  • (HJ) advises that he is in the process of scheduling fireside chats with all Board Members to build relationships and isolate each Board Members goals for the Chapter.

Wikimedia ZA 5 Year Strategy

  • (HJ) provides an recap on the Wikimedia ZA Strategy, specifically highlighting required next steps:
  1. Finalize the Current Strategy - Suggestion to utilize Forms for finalization to ensure inclusion and address comments posed by chapter members in working document.
  2. Realign Timelines as a few items proposed end dates are in the past.

Chapter Finance update

  • (DIS) provides update of Chapter Finances.
  • (DS) requests reallocation of funding of trip for Himself and intern to attend an event based on Finance status.
  • (BS) mentions that activity to be completed by Herschal to identify budget line items available and engage with point people around the projects.
  • (DIS) confirms that (DS) request can be catered for under the remainder of Afrikaans budget line item.
  • (DIS) advises (DS) to follow monthly finance process.

Audit update

  • (BS) provides update around auditors request which requires feedback.
  • (BS) shares an unease with supplying documentation without more information around the requirements, (Why this is required, which law so that research can be performed.)
  • (DS) requested documentation for review, advised he had a family member who could assist with clarity.

Chapter’s address

  • (BS) supplies overall update on discussion in Ops meeting around requirement to update all chapter accounts with chapter details instead of personal details.

Review of previous Notes/Action Items

Previous Board Meeting Action Items

  1. Create Board Documentation
  • (BS) advised this is still a requirement.
  1. Schedule Review and adaptation of Chapter Constitution
  • (BS) confirmed this is still required.
  1. Title Creation/nomination
  • (BS) confirmed this was scrapped, related to requirement for new title for director of language.
  1. Special meeting to review Financial report 2023-2024
  • (BS) not required after financial update by (DIS)

Meeting adjourned

Board Meeting Action Items

  1. (HJ) to conduct review of Budget (BudgetVSActual)
  2. (BS) to respond to Auditors
  3. (HJ) to investigate alternate banking institutions.
  4. (DS) to attend an event with his intern.
  5. (DS) to provide presentation at special Ops Meeting around Afrikaans Wikipedia