Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting 1 June 2021

Wikimedia South Africa board meeting 1 June 2021


  • Bobby
  • Douglas
  • Rossouw
  • Coenraad
  • Michael

Shupai update


Bobby was told by her sister that she was diagnosed with blood clots that caused her medical condition to require her hospitalisation. Her family relays their thanks to the chapter for supporting her during this time.

University of Swaziland


Bobby is reaching out to the university. Will give us updates on how it goes. Working with Nobanthu on this.


Brief introduction to as a potential online meeting solution. Currently we are having trouble with both Zoom (as Shupai needs to setup the meetings) and Google Meet (as Deon has trouble logging into it). Gather might be a fun solution to those problems. We agreed to have our next meeting on gather as an introduction to it and an experiment.