Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting 15 June 2021

WMZA board meeting - 15 June 2021

Meeting hosted on Gather.Town:


  • Deon
  • Bobby
  • Michael
  • Douglas
  • Rossouw
  • Delight

Finanical processes

  • Reason why there is no meetup budget in the 2020/21 budget is because at the time of applying for that grant the WMF had a policy of no-physical meetups during COVID 19. This why we had no line item for physical meetups.
  • Vote to reimburse Bobby for the JHB meetup on 12 June 2021. Douglas proposes, Deon yes, Rossouw yes, Wynand yes, Delight yes. Motion passes.
  • Deon invites Douglas to join the 20th Afrikaans Wikipedia birthday on the 16 November 2021 in Pretoria. Deon, proposes to use the R10,000 Douglas brought into the chapter account from presenting to fly Douglas to join the event. Deon proposes, Michael votes yes, Wynand votes yes, Rossouw votes yes, and Delight votes yes.
  • 2019/20 financials had to be signed. Douglas requests that he be reimbursed for getting a Docusign account for the chapter to use. Bobby votes to reimburse. Michael votes yes, Deon votes yes and Rossouw votes yes.
  • Foundation has been informed of the WMZA tax situation

SWAN meetings

  • Douglas updates the board about SWAN and encourages board members to participate in SWAN meetings.
  • Another round of submissions about the copyright bill has been opened up by the SA parliament.

WMF board elections

  • Douglas decided to run for the WMF board position. Board is updated on how a successful bid might impact the chapter as Douglas would not be able to sit on both boards.

General updates

  • Agreed to use for next meeting.