Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting 13 December 2022

WMZA Board Meeting 13 December2022 Previous minutes:


  • Nobantu Modise
  • Douglas scott
  • Shupai Mchuchu (Administrator)
  • Michael Graaf
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Ingrid Thomson


  • Veer Gosai
  • Deon Steyn


  • Coenraad Loubser



Year in Review


Start work on 2023/24 - 2026/27 Grant


It was advised to apply for a 3 year grant. Members encourage to start thinking about the 3 year grant, deliberate thinking of project and the Chapters startegic plan for the next 3 year grant. It was suggested to start thinking of hiring a director for the near future.

WMZA 11th birthday celebration


An official birthday to be held, the Chapter wants to invite guest and go over the achievements of the Chapter over the 11 years. The motion was proposed by Douglas to hold a big event and it was seconded by Bobby and Nobantu, it was further proposed to be held in March

PBO Status update


BGC is waiting on a signed version of the chapter's Constituion. This to be sent to SARS as it is the only document outstanding. The constitution was sent to Deon and Bobby, to be signed by them and sent to BGC.

New payment method


The payment system is to be transparent with everyone. It also initiates accountabiltiy for the bookkeeprs. Bookkeepers will be sent a key card to them to issue a payment, it will be okayed by board members with access. This will commence in late January. A monthly meeting will be held for a disscussion of payments. Bobby to go to the bank and activate the system.

Public Domain day


A on the 1st of January. Works at expiring copywriting to be placed in the public domain day. Douglas is encouraging the Chapter to get involved and support public domain day. Members of the Chapter are in support of supporting public domain day.

Wikipedia birthday


Will be on the 15th of January which will be on the 22nd birthday. A media statement to be issued , as well as orgnaise meetups for the celebration. A meetup to be organized for the 15th of January as there is a budget for it. To organise a cake for the the 2 cities for the celebration. A working group to be created.

Special Board Meeting


It was proposed to set a special board meeting in January to discuss Chapter members receiving a remuneration to Chapter members. This is a remuneration of Chapter members who are doing Managerial work. It was suggested that we hold the special board meeting on the 17th of January 2023 at 7;00 pm, it was passed without opposition.

  • What is the remuneration for?
  • What is the process of receiving a remuneration?
  • What is the remuneration limit?

Bobby suggests Tuesday the 17 January 2023 Set date for chapter member reimbursement policy workshop

Wikimania 2023


To be held in August in Singapore. Douglas to look into getting some scholarships to send some members over during the event. This will be the first in-person event since 2019. It was suggested that Shupai and some other board members who can attend the in person events in Germany. It was suggested that when the chapter applies for a grant, the grant must include 2 chapter members as well South Africans within the community.

Management Documents


Douglas went over the budget with the present members in the meeting the details of our budget. Our expenditure as well as the remaining balance. The bookkeepers are still under expending. Communications department monies hasn't been spent as well. Money spent in the budget need to be accurately allocated in the budget when it as been utilised. The management documents needs to be updated, as monies has been spent.