Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting 10 August 2021

WikimediaZA Board-Meeting

10 August 2021

Previous minutes:

In attendance:

  • Bobby Shababngu
  • Douglas Ian Scott
  • Coenrad Loubser
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Wynand Van Der Walt
  • Michael Graaf
  • Deon Steyn
  • Nobantu Modise


  • Rossouw van Rooyen (resigned from the board)

Agenda items:

Wikimania Sessions

edit Our session was listed for in person events under Africa section. Community village.

What platform? Gather Town, Zoom or meet? Who volunteers to main rooms? What times?

Time to be settled by Douglas.

Chapters Policies and Protocol/ Disscussion

  • Standing agenda item to update on projects
  • Standing item to give status updates on locals Wikipedia health - social media metrics, number of


  • Treating languages equally in a transparent manner
  • Clear MOU - Communicate our values better - eg. Moleskine. Ethos committee?
  • Moleskine is a partner but might not be fully versed on the Chapters friendly spaces
  • Formal partnership agreements - & expectations
  • Wikimedia Community of Practice - discussion on projects
 * Link article writers (eg Deon) with knowledge sources

Our Mission

  • Making local languages sexy, Deconolonisation vs Africanisation
  • Celebrate local language theses - 20k downloads for isiXhosa theses vs others
  • People need to be trianed on our indegenous lanaguges especially our partner organisations.
  • Clarity needs to be effective and partner organisations to have a clear understanding of our mission.

Environmental Sustainability Support


Zoom upgrade and Chapters Domains


-Can we delete the following domains:

  • keep - R100/year 1-grid - 18/05/2021 to 17/05/2022
  • delete - R? WWW.ENOM.COM - 2018-07-23 to 2024-07-27
  • Ask Bobby: - R? - 1-grid - 2021-05-13 to 2022-07-17
  • Wikilovesmomuments not to be deleled
  • Joburgpedia has expired

Projects Update

  • Bobby and Shupai contacting all university libraries for edit workshops
  • 3 high school students approached us for edit help
  • A project update to be presented for the next board meeting

For our info pack and to promote

  • Access to libraries eg. RAU - anyone can apply for membership
  • Chapter can pay admin fees
  • Also note Elsevier access

For the next board meeting: - Digify Wikimedia ZA Competition Time: Aug 7, 2021, 10:00 AM Johannesburg, prizes

Financial update


How much is left in each budget? Review of trial balance?

Bots on Afrikaans Wikimedia


Do we need to call in help? Are any needed? Who can set it up?