Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/9 February 2021

Wikimedia ZA board meeting 9 February 2021


  • Douglas
  • Bobby
  • Rossouw
  • Michael Graaf
  • Coenraad
  • Wynand


  • Nobantu
  • Deon


  • Wikimedia ZA five year plan
  • Wikimedia Foundation board changes
  • Volunteer policy (onboarding)
  • Copyright Amendment bill update

Outreach Strategy 2021


  • Bobby opens up a review of the 2019 Wikimedia ZA 5-year plan. 4 April 2020
  • Access: Not much progress has been made.
  • Capacity: Still stuck on expanding capacity, Administrator should improve this when hired in the next few weeks.
  • Diversity: Improvements have been made to increase board diversity
  • Awareness: limited impact in 2020 due to COVID
  • Flexibility: we are still lacking in this field largely due to the chapter culture of consensus

Volunteer policy

  • Douglas: WMZA has two volunteers wishing to participate in chapter activities following Wikipedia 20. What should our volunteer policy be?
  • Bobby: look at best practices at other Chapters such as WMDE.
  • Coenraad: keep the policy as simple as possible and periodic volunteer meetings. Introduce them to Zulip and the broader movement activities/event ideas. Give them an opportunity to do their own events after they have completed a "trail run" or similar trail.

Wikimedia Foundation Board discussion

  • Douglas presents on the WMF Board of Trustees proposed changes issue and gives an account of it. The proposed changes are now open to community feedback for the next four weeks or so. If the chapter wants to make an official position known on any issue we will need to decide at our next board meeting on 23 February 2021.
  • Bobby suggests we discuss this in more detail at the next board meeting.