Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/7 July 2020

Wikimedia ZA - Board Meeting - 7 July 2020


  • Douglas
  • Bobby
  • Michael
  • Adri
  • Coenraad
  • Wynand
  • Ian
  • Rossouw
  • Deon



Papa and Rudolph regarding Moleskin Foundation (Bobby)

  • Over the years, the Moleskin Foundation have done a number of editathons that were well attended.
  • Rudolph Ampofo is with the WMF and responsible for African affairs
  • Papa (Papakow Baiden) is with the Moleskin Foundation (Program Management for Wiki Africa Education Programme).
  • The Moleskin Foundation is restrategising in how it works with partners and execute projects. Their purpose is to drive creativity through social change.
  • Vision: Young people should be able to find educational resources in their home language.
  • Pillar 1: Write
  • Pillar 2: Think
  • Pillar 3: Inspire
  • The Moleskin Foundation is looking for Regional/Local Partners to help curate and organise local/regional events
  • Types of partners: Project Partners, Implementing Partners, Steering Committee
  • Reiteration from Papa that the ask is for the students (that attend projects/campaigns) to add articles and he's asking the Chapter to assist in the training events and introductions
  • Challenges highlighted by Douglas:
    • The community consists of volunteers, who prefer to work on what they want to
    • Mostly we are overcommitted, and encourage join people to join and introduce them to the community.
    • Therefore its hard for community members to take on additional projects with the Moleskin Foundation.
    • What we can do is introduce Papa to editors in other countries who are super editors and are looking for projects to help with.
    • We can probably help on a project by project basis as there is capacity, and then reach out to people outside our country to help on the under-capacity workshops.
    • We also want to activate editors at the workshops to ensure that they keep contributing in the future, past just the Moleskin events.
    • Michael suggests that we rotate representation on the steering committee. Bobby has volunteered to start and Michael to stand in on a regular basis.

Deferred to next week:

  • Administrator Position: What qualities are we looking for? (Douglas)
  • WMZA President 2021 (Douglas)
  • 2030 Brand Strategy - Survey feedback (Adri)
  • End of the year Grant Report - Due end of this month

Communication and social media channels, infrastructure


From 28 April to 7 July:

  • Twitter: 1564 followers -> 1593
  • Facebook (English): 978 follows (895 likes) -> 984 (896)
  • Facebook (Afrikaans): 639 members -> 643
  • Mailing list (Afrikaans): 314 members. Suspect most are fake, aol addresses, no valid activity for years -> 313
  • Mailing list (English): 268 members -> 262
  • Instagram 164 Followers -> 172
  • Meetup: 125 members -> 127
  • Youtube: 51 subscribers -> 51
  • Zulip: 25 users -> 27