Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/6 September 2022

Two WMZA meetings were held on 6 September 2022. The first (19:00-20:00), held once every two weeks, was the operational meeting to discuss day-to-day chapter activies and how to execute them. The second was the Board Meeting (20:00-21:00), held once every two months, to discuss and decide big chapter dicisions.

Board member Deon Steyn talking about the Afrikaans language Wikipedia booklet produced by the Afrikaans Academy at the WMZA board meeting on 6 September 2022.

WMZA operational Meeting



  • Deon Steyn
  • Micahel Graaf
  • Douglas Scott
  • Hlezi Motha (intern)
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Tshepiso Ngaleka (intern)
  • Coenraad Loubser (missed the opps meeting; joined the board meeting)
  • MaQueen Lawrence


  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Nazeem Hardy

Post Wikimania


Douglas gives update on Cape Town event: Cape Town location was able to greatly reduce the cost of hosting that mini-Wikimania; spent around R7000 on catering representing a significant cut. Scholarships was the biggest expesnes. CT event was held on 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with all three days being well attended (between 5 to 20 people at any given time on every day)

Link to photographs of the Cape Town and Johannesburg events:

Importance of pictures uploaded to commons for reporting purposes of reporting. Agreed to use categories for projects on an annual basis for easier report documenting.

Bobby presents on Johannesburg event. Event dominated by Johannesburg. ~R60 000 was spent on a video for Wikimania and paid for by a special grant from the foundation. Discussions at Wikimania JHB were had about libraries and the importance of GLAM instutions to Wikipedia.

Due date for reporting is the end of September 2022.

Afrikaans Wikipedia issues


Deon has 4 opperational questions

  1. Two Afrikaans Wikipedia editors were supposed to recieve a "thank you" prize for having made over 7000 articles on that Wikipedia. One was contacted a while ago, the other did not respond to the chapter's messages. The one who got back to us wished to recieve airtime, this was agreed to at a previous meeting. Agreed that Shupai must contact this person to sort out the details.
  2. R5000 Afrikaans Academy monthly a payment in accordance with WMZA MOU with them, what is that status. The payment has been delayed for beuracratic reasons but it is in process and will be paid monthly.
  3. Douglas agrees to email Deon botanical contact at Unversity of Western Cape
  4. Business cards; it seems as though PostNet sent the business cards to the wrong people.
  5. Per km rates for reimbursement
  6. Deon requests from Bobby the contacts of a WMF employee who speaks Afrikaans.

Intern presentation


WMZA has hired 2 interns for the period April to September to run WMZA's social media accounts. Interns presented on the impact of their efforts on WMZA's social media presence during their time. A significant increase in chapter followers on the social media accounts (Instagram 184% increase; Facebook 144% or 57 new followers). More men than women following WMZA on both Instagram and Facebook. Twitter: 74 new followers or a 36% increase in followers over this perod; 136 new followers on LinkedIn during this period.

Bobby gives thanks to the interns for working with us for the past six months.

Postponed issues


The following agenda items were postponed to the next WMZA opps meeting.

  • WikimediaZA Website
  • Restarting facetoface meetings
  • Stats: Can we get a social media update at the next board meeting? eg. no posts, followers, etc. Maybe share logins on the Board section at so anyone can help compile it How about creating a google sheet where the numbers are logged every month? Can create a recurring task on

Newsletter / mailing list post

Board meeting


Douglas gives update on AGM preperations, members have been given a one month notification already, AGM pack will be sent out closer to the date (more than two weeks before). AGM will be held entiry online Shupai has been instructed to update the membership list, will be meeting with Coenradd tomorrow. Notified members to set a proxy vote to be recorded.

Suggested agenda for AGM

  1. Approval of previous minuates
  2. Five year plan review
  3. What have we actived for 2021/22 (projects)
  4. What we have planned for 2022/23
  5. Speak about how to better engage and include the community in chapter activities
  6. WM 2030 movement strategy and how to better get involved.
  7. Suggested projects & volunteers for the 2023/24 FY
  8. Vote for new board



Update on SARS situation and agreement to move this topic to discuss it at the Board meeting. Douglas Spoke on it. Background: SARS is asking for the details of WMZA's directors, however the list of directors they are asking for have no connection to WMZA and are totally unknown to the chapter. SARS seems to be confusing WMZA with another organisation. WMZA has previously informed SARS of this error. Recently: SARS conctated the bookkeepers to tell them that our application for PBO status was being cancelled as they did not get the directors detials.

Coenraad suggests that a board member volunteers to set aside two or three days to sit in the SARS office to meet with SARS and sort this out. Bobby volunteers to go to SARS and keep Douglas and the bookkeeper on speed dail for questions.

Grant report 2021/22


Douglas presents on the grant <> to the board. Coenraad points out that the number of estimated volunteer hours is too low. Douglas admits that it was a very concervative estimate. Everyone agrees to revise the number of volunteer hours to get a more correct and complete number. Douglas also states that the financial report that is currently there is a draft report, that the final report has a few corrections in accounting details (line item names and grant income time tranches) that need correcting still; the accountants are working on that.

WikiIndaba 2022


Bobby gives a brief update on Wikimedia South Africa's assistance in organising WikiIndaba in Rwanda. That WMZA will be managing the financials of the event as the Rwandan organisers do not have the finaical ability to manage the finances. WMZA will recieve a commission for this and other organisational assistance we will be giving to make Wiki Indaba 2022 happen.