Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/6 February 2019

Wikimedia ZA board meeting - 6 February 2019



  • 2018 Grant Report (Douglas)
  • Jobergpedia report (Bobby)
  • STB Hackathon (Michael)
  • Paybook Glass: should we use it?
  • Remote sectary service
  • Afrikaans Writing competition prizes


  • Douglas
  • Bobby
  • Coenraad
  • Adri
  • Raymond
  • Yonela
  • Rossouw (disconnected, poor signal)


  • Ian

2018 Grant Repot


Jobergpedia Report


- Has been completed and should be wrapped up soon

STB Hackathon

  • Michael explains project based on written proposal previously sent out
  • Adri seconds proposal, Bobby supports, and Douglas supports, Michael supports; no objections, motion passes to run the project
  • Expected to happen in April 2019
  • Set aside R10,000 for this project

Paybook Glass

  • Douglas explains it, and was presented on it after the last board meeting.
had a monthly cost, see the product here: [1]
  • Coenraad: looks pretty but might duplicate other perfectly good systems that our bookkeepers are using us. Extra work for the accountants, if we have a monthly statement of accounts sent out to the board (management account) as an alternative.
  • Michael: excessively complicated and concerned with cost.
  • Bobby: likes the presentation but is concerned about issues Coenraad has raised.
  • Votes against using Paybook Glass: Bobby, Coenraad, Michael (and most probably Ian as well, need to confirm).
  • Vote passes to experiment with Book keepers' proposed system of monthly emails to the board of management statement of accounts until the end of 2019 and will review the possible use of Paybook Glass again.
  • Board to ask Ian to set up a financial statements mailing list

Remote secretary service

  • Coenraad: updates on the nature of the service at a cost of R2500 a month.
Need for this sort of service so we can save board member and volunteer time.
Set up a meeting with them.
  • Douglas: two invoices have so far been paid for November and December 2018.
  • Bobby: also wants clarity and to join the meeting with them to join them. Feels like everyone was not fully informed before they were hired.
  • Coenraad to setup a meeting with the service on Friday the 15 February.

Recorded responsibilities provided by Coenraad

  1. Onboarding new members Copy member details from sign up form to membership fom. 2days/week
    Send notification email. 2 to3hrs/day
    Send payment link from payment provider. 20hrs/month
    Subscribe member to list.
    Send welcome email to members.

  2. Donations follow up. Follow up on Payments.
    Update on the membership form on progress. R125.00/hr

  3. Phone services Forwarding and answering of the phone and taking messages.
    Total R 2,500.00

Afrikaans writing competition


Need to ensure that Rossouw is attending the meeting before we can make a decision.