Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/4 December 2018

WMZA Board meeting

4 December 2018 | 19h00 - 21h00


  • Adri
  • Bobby
  • Coenraad
  • Douglas
  • Ian
  • Rossouw (Text chat only)


  • Michael


  • Bill going to parliament tomorrow
  • Copyright alliance trying to sink bill, petition running with famous authors
  • Douglas, Ian and Coenraad & Adri vote to allow Douglas to write up an opinion piece on misunderstandings and benefits of Fair Use
    • Dispel myths (robs authors of their rights), arguments for (why we care).

Wiki Loves Africa

  • Requires panel of judges
  • Securing the funding (have miscellaneous war chest) ~R500k
  • Publicity. Connecting to other groups.
  • Liaise with Wiki Africa
  • Perhaps run edit-a-thon
  • Adri agrees to co-ordinate WMZA involvement
  • Questions about funding Wiki Africa are receiving. Bobby to investigate further.
  • Some discussion about events in 2013, history with Wiki Africa

Design outreach update

  • Meeting with Design Indaba (Adri, Rueben, Douglas)
  • Letter was sent out to their contacts
  • Followup 11 December about possible mini-workshop

Grant update - bad news

  • Postponed to 2019 annual grant cycle pending a report about jhbpedia ~end of feb
  • Turned down by WMF due to not meeting the deadline for closure of Joburgpedia
  • Can approach WMF early next year again
  • Joburgpedia issue is about confusion over funds relating to closing the Jobergpedia Digitisation Report.
  • Need to submit proof to WMF that everyone was paid, and proof we returned the money.
  • Gil was reimbursed, issue was funds from Chapter vs Foundation. Chapter has paid, WMF needs to be shown proof of this

Roles allocations

  • Douglas nominated as president by Coenraad, seconded by Adri
  • Only nomination, Douglas re-elected president
  • Coenraad nominated as Treasurer by Douglas, seconded by Adri
  • Only nomination, Coenraad elected
  • Ian nominates Bobby for vice-president, Coenraad seconds
  • Only nomination, Bobby elected

Membership pipeline

  • 58 members signed up in the last 3 months
  • 6 payments received
  • BQuest contracted to follow admin checklist - send welcome emails, generate payment links, reconcile payments, send reminder emails, followup emails etc.


  • 1-Grid debited us for the next year need to make changes before next year's debit
  • Still receiving very poor service about queries, and billing, but unfortunately, we have paid for the year, so not a priority to change right now


  • Who are we sending. Need to decide in next few days
  • Rossouw has volunteered
  • Last year was Coenraad and Michael (Douglas also attended as Wikimania organiser)
  • Coenraad interested in strategy stream
  • Bobby interested in going, last went in 2013
  • To discuss on Zulip

Next board meeting

  • 8th January 2019 - 19:00 to 20:00 (?)