Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/29 March 2022

WMZA Board Meeting 29 March 2022


  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Douglas Scott
  • Michael van Graaf
  • Maqueen Lawrence
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Deon Steyn
  • Nazeem Hardy
  • Khethiwe Marais joined late




  • Coenrad Loubser
  • Delight Chipunza


  • Updates
  • Khoe Saan Heritage
  • WMF Updates
  • Higher Education Survey
  • Covid Travel Policy Update
  • Chapters Financial Update/Tax Status



At the board meeting, we were joined by Nazeem Hardy who is a librarian. Wynand who was part of the board and has recently resigned due to family and work responsibilit6ies, recommended Nazeem, to take over his position on the board, he is involved in LIASA as the work of LIASA is connected to the Chapter work in regards to the library work. The work of the Chapter was explained to Nazeem. Nazeem is concerned with time, but he sees it as something he can do being part of WMZA board member, he states that there is a lot of support that can be offered to the Chapter, as much as LIASA is going through a restructuring, he has no hesitation in joining and sitting on the WMZA board. Board members to edit Wikipedia for at least five edits. All present members of the board unanimously agreed to have Nazeem Hardy on the board. Nazeem board membership to be announced. Bobby wants to focus on taking the Ndebele language out of incubation. This can be done with three editors who have at least 5 articles. This language was put through incubation by Dumisani.

Khoe and Saan Heritage


It was proposed to start a new user group, this is for people who are interested in Khoe and Saan heritage. This can start with an online presence. The first meet-up workshop will be held at the Cammisa museum, this museum embodies all things khoe and Saan heritage. Follow-up gatherings will be held in the retreat venue. Various plans are in motion for events that can be run around this event. The event is looking at incubating the people of the Cape through the project. Looking to make this a long-time project through the user group.

Covid Travel Policy Update


The Wikimediaftoundwatio has given a green light on the covid-19 travel ban. Events such as meet-ps can be held in person and the foundation will be able to fund such in-person events. The green light has been given by the foundation, need to see how we go about organizing in-person events. The green light was passed after the grant application had been submitted, so the Chapter will still attend online.

WMF Update


The foundation is seeking a survey on new languages, this will be based on universities in which board members have worked.

Chapters Financial and Tax Status


There are a couple of tax issues, which are all intertwined. the first one is the BPO, documents might6 be neede4d for the CIPC. Bobby, Douglas, and Deon are sitting as the directors of th4e Chapter. Money was paid to SARS, which needs to be paid back the tax money paid to them when paid needs to be reported to the foundation. People can make donations and be taxed back from their donations



Support is needed for Michael in terms of Internet connection.