Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/21 March 2018

Wikimedia ZA board meeting 21 March 2018 Begins: 19:00


  • Douglas Scott
  • Raymond Ellis
  • Deon Steyn
  • Bobby Shabangu


  • Ian Gilfillan


  1. WikiIndaba update
  2. Isoc and Durban update
  3. S.A scholarship update
  4. APG update

WikiIndaba update

  • WikiIndaba was a huge success
  • Extension to Wikimania submission date one week to 25 March to give a chance to African Wikimedians to make their submissions.
  • The next WikiIndaba will be in Nigeria.
  • Douglas asked Katherine Maher for WMF to promote Wikimania 2018 more and to also provide more complimentary tickets.
  • Isoc and Durban update

Isoc and Durban update

  • Bobby requests for fund to run an editathon from Isoc. This has not been finalised.
  • Bobby believes he will be able to go to Durban before Wikimania. Possibly within the next month.

Scholarships Wikimania 2018

  • Goethe Institute (German Embassy) says that they can sponsor 3 additional people to attend Wikimania from the SADC region.
  • Bobby just needs to hear from them on how they would like to get involved.
  • Expect for ZA Wiki banners to go up on Friday the 23rd March 2018.
  • David Richfield says he will get it up.

APG update

  • Hiring bookkeeper
  • Next report due August 2018
  • Joburgpedia
    • Serious issue of repaying Gill (R8,000) and closing out the program.
    • Dumi ran the project so he knows what is going on.
    • Bobby to talk with Dumi to find out details of the project and what the status is and the best way forward with WMF.
    • Need to do that before our meeting with Janice at the WMF.

Deon interview

  • Was interviewed by Radio Sonder Grense

Next Meeting

  • ASAP after Bobby's meeting with Dumi regarding Jobergpedia.
  • Board needs to be updated on with Joburgpedia.
  • Bobby will setup meeting.

Meeting ends: 20:03