Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/19 March 2019

WMZA Board Meeting - 19 March 2019

This meeting took place immediately after the Copyright Amendment Bill panel discussion at 6 Spin Street Restaurant hosted with ReCreate South Africa.


  • Douglas (in person)
  • Coenraad (in person)
  • Yonela (in person)
  • Adri (in person)
  • Michael (in person)
  • Rossouw


  • Raymond
  • Deon
  • Ian




  • This is now done, Deon is now a board member for 2019.
  • Adri agrees to send Deon a "congratulations" hamper, budget R500. Adri will also publish a congratulations on Facebook.

Unfinished business


It has been noted that a number of resolutions have been passed since January 2019 that are not being acted on or completed. This agenda item seeks to allocate responsibility so as to achieve and act on some past decisions made in previous board meetings since 2019.

Used computers for Wikipedia editing in rural South Africa


Discussion on getting old computers to MT Mosia at the Elandskop Museum so that she can edit Wikipedia.

  1. Adri agrees to call her to see if need is still present
  2. Douglas agrees to ask the WMF to ask if there are any old computers to be donated to her
  3. Coenraad will check for Wikipedia zero rating and/or sponsorship so that Mosia gets free data to edit Wikipedia

Admin support and minutes followup / coordination


Budget to hire a part time coordinator/Administration person or find a volunteer to do this.

  • Coenraad suggests that we have a board meeting every second week and a workshop to ensure things get done every other week.
  • Douglas seconds this proposal
  • first workshop scheduled for Wednesday at 3pm, 27th March, at Spin Str office.


  • Douglas emailed Edward at the WMF months ago, never heard back, agrees to follow up with Edward and ask others at the WMF for help doing the survey of South African Wikipedia editors.

Adri/Douglas general meeting


Meet with with Adri and Douglas agreed for next week Friday, 29 March at 9:00 to discuss Wiki Loves Africa and other activities.

Financial mailing list

  • Coenraad agrees to talk with Ian about setting up the treasury committee mailing list (Douglas, Bobby, Coenraad) to make financial decisions.

Board meeting minutes

  • Ian proposed by email that we have a rotating system of minute keepers who are responsible for getting board minutes onto the WMZA website
  • Adri seconds
  • No objection, motion passes.
  • training to show how to record and upload minutes
  • Coenraad volunteers to create tutorial on uploading minutes (done, on board minutes page)
  • Douglas first in the rotation, recording 19 March minutes

Wiki Indaba feedback

  • Rossouw has submitted an application for Windhoek to host 2020, he is still waiting for a reply

Winifred meeting update

  • Meeting with Winifred happened to discuss 2019 grant
  • Coenraad & Douglas to follow up

Wikimania 2018 scholarship reports

  • Bobby must follow up on this
  • Douglas agrees to follow this up with Bobby so as to get the reports written by scholarship recipients.

Next meeting


2nd of April 2019 at 19:00, can attend at this link