Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/16 October 2019

Time: 12h30


  • Adri
  • Coenraad
  • Deon
  • Douglas
  • Michael
  • Rossouw


  • Bobby
  • Ian
  • Raymond

Report back on Moleskine Event - 5 Oct

  • 139 attendees - teachers, students, Harambee and Wikipedians
  • 114 minus Harambee and Wikipedians
  • Bobby, Howard, Rossouw,?
  • Managed to log in ~60 out of 80 laptops to the dashboard.
  • Almost everyone presents worked on non-english Wikipedia
  • Michael's friend Howard (first Wikipedia event) went as a qualified teacher/mentor and enjoyed it.
  • Dashboard is up. They think more than 100 articles were edited.
  • Photos need to be uploaded

Update WikimediaZA SA Survey

  • Douglas needs to email Jamie with questions to be included in the survey and set a date. Last date was April/May 2018.
  • (formalize discussion started at Wikimania)

Update on Website, domain and Media monitoring

  • The site went down a few weeks ago as the invoice wasn't paid. It's been sorted out now.
  • Coenraad to set up accounting calendar to be reviewed at every meeting

Johannesburg book club edit workshop

  • Bobby to feedback next time

Afrikaans Skryfweek - Expanding on articles on topic Namibia

  • Any updates on how it went Rossouw
  • Check the Skryfweek page

Afrikaans Editithon: Deon is organising an event in December

  • Catering budget - moving to fund from Michael(STB)&Bobby's(KZN Activation) projects - Adri pledged the remainder from her grant
  • Possibly from Puku's primary project.
  • Updates on the Afrikaans destubathon in December

Afrikaans writing competition - Dec/Jan

  • Rossouw talked to Marola Media and they pledged support for prizes
  • Want to do like last year - incl. gift vouchers
  • Final Date? (8, 14 or 15 Dec?)
  • Dec 14: Workshop
  • Dec 15: AGM - Codebridge/C4A have a venue for us - want to focus budget on getting people there - ~R30k
  • Douglas to send to list
  • Adri will update FB
  • Coenraad to send travel grant form
  • 3 free beds offered to attendees between Adri, Coenraad & Douglas

Set top box project

  • Michael raising additional funds based on fact that we already have a bit of funding. (Do not confuse with WikiFundi project - which also involves Pi - was misnamed on a budget)

Letter about school outreach to follow up on Moleskine event

  • WMF offering funding to incubate Wikipedia into the school curriculum - email on the mailing list - WMF has a team, but needs support from local chapters.
  • Reach out to Moleskine for partnership
  • Find someone who already doing some aligned project

UN Wikimedian in Residence update

  • UN has reviewed their post
  • There's a conversation between UN and WMF, our only updates have been from WMF


  • 20th Wikimedia meetup co-hosted with Creative Commons ~15 people attended
  • 21st meetup same venue, followed by design workshop

Design workshop

  • encourage designers to add their works to Wikipedia
  • highlight need for illustrations in Wikipedia
  • and cc license benefits