Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/13 February 2018

Wikimedia South Africa Board Meeting 13 Feb 2018 19h00



  • Bobby
  • Deon - left around 20:00
  • Douglas
  • Ian


  • Call out a notification (draft written up)
    • Example: "Wikimania 2018 will be happening in Cape Town, South Africa. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend in your backyard. Apply for a scholarship now".
  • Start the process of getting those banners up in South Africa
  • Bobby has contacted David about the scholarship process, he's happy to be involved but is busy
  • David to send out banner.


  • Dumi to be removed as bank account signatory, Bobby to follow up with the bank and get proof for WMF.
  • Deon is available as a backup signatory, but not to be added yet.
  • List of directors at CPC(?) needs to be updated, only Bobby, Dumi, and Douglas are listed
  • We tried to do this years ago, very tedious process and got nowhere


  • Radio Sonder Grense has invited Deon to Woordefees to give a live interview in early March
  • Does Wikimedia ZA have funds to fly him down, or is there someone in Cape Town?
  • There is a TPS grant application process from WMF. But the approval process may take a month.
  • Marula Media is interested in covering Wikimania, will contact Deon with questions.

Vodacom dongle

  • We have a data contract lying unused, if anyone needs this for Wikimania purposes, ask Raymond

Other agenda items

  • Bobby trip to Zambia, collaboration with the Swedish embassy - Discussed at last meeting

Next meeting

  • Wed 7 Mar 7 pm