Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/12 May 2018

WMZA Board meeting

12th May 2018 | 19:00


  • Ian Gilfillan
  • Douglas Scott
  • Coenraad Loubser



WIkimania meetup was 4pm - 5pm

  • Venue visited by Ian and Douglas




  • Busy with AFS for 2015 + 2016
  • Suggestion: Appoint treasurer who has banking login that bookkeeper can use - will do that when Douglas meets Bobby in JHB
  • Payment system for bookkeepers
  • Code_of_discipline_for_directors - we have 2 policies, different ones for money from foundation vs other


  • Hiring a travel company for ZA scholarships
  • [1]

Where we are with our APG grant

  • Scholarship Applications proceeding well
  • Bookkeepers hired and working on financials for past 3 years
  • Bobby - Travel agent + payment
  • Wikimania - ticket & prices and scholarships
    • R9000 x 12
    • Daily rate, Main conference days (3xdays), Full 5 days
    • $200 for 3 day conference pass, South Africans cheaper - $50/ticket - ~R600 - not set; early bird specials, etc.
    • Full meal every day, tickets to daily event, venues and catering
    • ~ 10 org team gets comps
  • Ticket discussions
    • School kids, volunteers, public - which days, how many
    • Suggestion: Workshop on attendees, ticket prices and who we want to invite
    • with a follow up workshop on marketing
  • Ticket sponsorships directly to WMZA?
    • Payment for tickets
    • Paypal
    • Webtickets, etc.?

Organising a Cape Town meetup on either the 29th or 30th May

  • Organising a Johannesburg meetup between the 25-28th May
  • Douglas to JHB: Copyright act
    • Freedom of panorama
    • Fair use

Leveraging Wikimania to grow the Chapter


Asaf's trip to South Africa

  • May 28 ... 31 - available on 29th and 30th
  • Tue 29th
    • morning - Meeting at UCT - partnership development: student engagement
    • 6/7pm Community meetup in town
      • presentation? budget? R2500 for Spin Str for half a day
        • Topics: toolbox
      • Coenraad plan B venues: Offerzen Hackspace in Kloofstreet, Waterfront W17,etc.
    • Announcement -
      • Mailing list
      • Wikipedia- Wikiprojects South Africa
      • Facebook
      • Twitter - Ian needs to get Twitter login details from Theresa
      • ? Meetup
      • Recording the session? * Coenraad
      • Douglas and Coenraad will meet on Wednesday or Thursday to organise Asaf's Cape Town trip


  • Wikimania media outreach
  • CPT Meetup
  • 1 or 2 meetups? (One in Stellenbosch too?)
  • Design indaba
  • High school
  • Libraries

Report back from WMCON18

  • Board one-pagers - Coenraad and Douglas to schedule time
  • For board members
  • For treasurer
  • For bookkeepers
  • For members
  • For volunteers

Coenraad - WMCon Berlin update:

  • Wikimedia board trianing update and learnings
  • WMZA only chapter at Board Training without staff
  • Gave him lots of ideas on how to improve the ZA board and running of the chapter as a whole
  • Chapters tend to either have an ED or a secutary if they only have one staff member
  • Learning; better to start with 2-3 hires right away then just one
  • Creative Commons event
  • Foreign Tech companies - Google, etc.
  • Need SA Tech companies
  • Raymond mobile details - Executive at Vodacom - head of AI team