Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/11 September 2019

board meeting board meeting

  • Since April they've trained 100 teachers
  • Main event is *5 October.*
  • Barloworld is a sponsor along with Nando's and Constitution Hill Trust. This means that the event will be bigger and better than anticipated
  • Bobby has been indispensable in preparing stubs for everyone to work on, on the day.
  • Basics: 1-day editathon with 100 teachers participating. The majority should have had some experience editing a page and will select a stub on which they will be editing throughout the day
  • Stubs will mostly be in indigenous languages.
  • Event is on October 5th
  • There is also funding for Wikimedians from all over to join on the day. Flights can be reimbursed if anyone wants to join. The invite is also extended to anyone from the broader region
  • Douglas suggest extending individual invitations
  • Coenraad suggests supplementing this with scholarship programme, total budget is EUR 2000
  • Score scholarship applicants on stubs created and content added - stubs also a way for more experienced wikimedians to pass on baton
  • Lorenzo can nominate someone to help review applications, Coenraad volunteered

Next Meetup

  • 5 October 2019


  • Coenraad to chat with Ian about getting notifications to work.- done