Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/11 January 2022

WMZA Board, 11 Jan 2022

Attendees Edit

  • Michael Graaf
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Douglass Scott
  • Wynand van der Walt
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Deon Steyn
  • Coenraad Loubser

Agenda Edit

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO): titles the Chapter to tax exemption (SARS) update: bookeeper submitted a letter to SARS, Edit

  • Our PBO registration lapsed and we need it reinstated. SARS took R187k from our bank account as a result, and we need it returned and subsequent tax claims revoked.

#1Lib1Ref Edit

  • Outreach to promote usefulness and health of Wikipedia by championing Librarians, through process of getting them to add one reference(citation) to Wikipedia.
  • Ingrid is our lead and does this for LIASA
  • We could support Ingrid by showing her more tools, including Dashboard
  • To do Get usernames.

Libkey Demo by Wynand Edit

  • Libkey browser extension to link citations directly to journal PDFs based on affiliate subscriptions.
  • Mid year report
  • ALL To do Please inform Douglas about any Wikimedia related activities
  • To do Bobby to follow up on subsequent progress for editathon

Edit workshop for Khoekhoegowab/Kaaps interest group Edit

  • To do provide data bundle
  • We need more volunteer editors in Wynberg
  • To do Shupai to confirm date

Management accounts (Chapter's financial update) Edit

  • Monthly update is sent to Treasury committee: Douglas, Bobby, Deon, Coenraad
  • To do check if all donations are reflecting

Afrikaans B-Day was paid from Chapter account Edit

  • Q&A: Do we do active fundraising? No but would like to to support events, please help.
  • To do Reach out to partners (Goethe Institut, Swedish Embassy, Nelson Mandela) fo rinformation about their grant processes. Douglas to reach out to the Open Society Foundation.

Bots for Afrikaans Wikipedia Edit

  • Vandalism revert bots and visual editor settings have been requested
  • To do follow up

Rhodes Digitisation Funding Edit

  • To do Follow up with Rhodes.

Rhodes UCT Collaboration LIASA Poster Edit

  • A poster was created and won best poster at a conference.
  • To do midyear report

3 month Wishlist process for next grant proposal due May Edit

  • "What projects do you think we should do in the next financial year"
  • To do Reach out to any Southern African communities for wishlist items too
  • Eg. Inform every college and university in SA about Libkey or similar (and build contact database)
  • eg. Reimburse chapter for Afrikaans event.
  • Shupai to create and maintain a "wishlist" of needs to be included into the 2022/23 grant request

Board vs Volunteer/Ops meetings Edit

  • Suggestion that we reduce the number of board meetings per year and instead have fewer meetings but more frequent volunteer coordination meetings. Thereby reducing the strain on the board whilst mainting communication and operational integrity of volunteer activities.