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Threats of harm (emergency system)

Learn how to address threats of physical harm to people or property on the Wikimedia projects.

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Wikimedia Community News

News from across the Wikimedia movement, updated by the community.

Frequently asked questions – Business

Information about business matters related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects.

Frequently asked questions – Wikimedia Foundation

Learn more about the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that runs Wikipedia.

Frequently asked questions – Content

For questions you may have about the content on Wikimedia sites.

Frequently asked questions – Participation

Learn more about participating on the Wikimedia projects.

Frequently asked questions – Research

Learn more about how to conduct research on the Wikimedia projects, including surveys, interviews, and data analysis.

VisualEditor Newsletter

Follow changes, bugs and requests for this special feature.

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Skills Development


IdeaLab is an incubator for people to share ideas to improve Wikimedia projects and to collaboratively develop them into plans and grant proposals.

Contact: Chris Schilling

Community Capacity Development

Community Capacity Development is an initiative that aims at identifying needs and ways to build capacity in different Wikimedia communities, and then initiating specific actions to build specific capacities in specific interested communities.

Contact: Asaf Bartov

Inspire Campaigns

Inspire Campaigns are month-long events to focus collaborative efforts on some of the most pressing challenges of the Wikimedia movement. Each campaign focuses on a unique theme and participation is open to everyone.

Contact: Chris Schilling

Training modules

Develop better skills and learn best practices for dealing with behavioral problems, both online and at events.

Contact: Joe Sutherland

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Using photos from Wikimedia Commons

A simplified guide for reusing images from Wikimedia Commons

Contact: John Cummings


A vast collection of high-quality, freely licensed, user-generated informational material about Wikimedia projects. Here are cheatsheets, pamphlets, videos, brochures, and other things.

Wikimedia Movement Data & Insights

Tools and reporting on data about community insights including the community safety survey, equity landscape data, affiliates monitoring and survey data, and annual contributor surveys

Contact: Jaime Anstee Tanja Andic

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Grants Support

Grants for Individuals

Wikimedians can apply for Rapid grants, and Project grants.

Contact: Marti Johnson, Chris Schilling

Programs Support

Wikipedia Education Program on Outreach Wiki

Education initiatives seek to bring educational institutions to the Wikimedia projects. In this portal, you will find shared learning from program leaders all over the world, resources to start a new program, and case studies of successful programs.

Contact: Nichole Saad

The Wikipedia Library

The Wikipedia Library helps editors access reliable sources to improve Wikipedia. It also helps knowledge professionals share their collections with the public.

Contact: Jake Orlowitz

Friendly space policies

Guidance on maintaining a friendly and safe atmosphere at events.


A directory of useful Wikimedia-related tools, including tools for metrics and working more efficiently.

Software Basics

How to report a bug

Is something not working as it should? You can do something about it by submitting a bug report.

Software Development

VisualEditor Feedback

Do you have questions about the visual editor? Do you want to report a bug or share an idea about how to improve it?

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Feedback page for Notifications

Do you have questions about Notifications or "Echo"?

Feedback page for Flow

Do you have questions about Flow, the threaded discussion and workflow tool?

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Community Wishlist Survey

A survey for Wikimedia contributors to submit the fixes and improvements they would like to see in the Wikimedia platforms.

Contact: Johan Jönsson

Developer portal

The central resource for technical documentation for current and future developers

Tech News

The Tech News weekly summaries help you monitor recent software changes likely to impact you and your fellow Wikimedians.

Contact: Johan Jönsson

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Research portal

The home of Wikimedia Research. Read up on the latest research, browse Wikimedia data sources, and browse archives of past work.

Technical Infrastructure

Introduction to Translation

Do you want to help translate our software or documentation? Can you help improve incorrect or untranslated items on buttons or in other parts of the user interface on a wiki? Do you want to translate announcements and help pages?

Beta Features

Test new software features on Wikimedia sites.

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Trademark policy

Summary of situations when you are and are not allowed to use the Wikimedia trademarks.

Email addresses

Points of contact for various legal matters relating to the Wikimedia projects

Non-free content

Learn about the particulars of using copyrighted, non-free ("fair use") content on Wikimedia projects

Wikimedia Foundation Transparency Report

Biannual disclosure of requests and orders the Wikimedia Foundation receives from courts and law enforcement agencies

Public policy

Learn about how public policy affects the Wikimedia projects and how you can get involved

Legal Fees Assistance Program

The Legal Fees Assistance Program is a Wikimedia Foundation program established to help secure funds for legal assistance in appropriate cases for Wikimedia users who serve in a project governance role.


A portal for legal issues affecting the Wikimedia community


Blog and Social Media

Find resources to create a digital communications strategy, that integrates blog and social media networks.

Contact: Ed Erhart, Aubrie Johnson

Audience Research

Learn how to do audience research, what you can learn from it, and find templates that you can use for your own research.

Capacity Building

Learn the basics on how to create a communications strategy to achieve your goals.

Contact: Greg Varnum

Communications committee

Learn about the communications committee, and how it supports communications efforts across the Wikimedia movement.

Contact: Greg Varnum

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