Wikimedia Philippines/Projects/Y4iT 2010

The first project of Wikimedia Philippines is the participation in the 8th Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4iT) that was held from September 14 to 17, 2010 at the University of the Philippines Diliman (U.P. Diliman). Y4iT is the largest annual gathering of students interested in Information Technology and is primarily organized by the U.P. Information Technology Training Center (UP ITTC). The attendance in 2010 was around 19,772 people and they have come from all over the Philippines.

Wikimedia Philippines joined this conference to outreach students since they are the most eager participants in Wikimedia projects and the diversity of attendees would help bring the Wikimedia Foundation's mission of having free and open educational resources into the remote provinces of the country. In addition, Wikimedia's technology and social impact is a good fit for an IT congress.

WMPH's participation was enabled via an approved grant to the Wikimedia Foundation. The grant covers a Silver Sponsorship which gives WMPH a speaking slot in the conference as well as a booth. The grant also covers the creation and purchase of paraphernalia to be distributed to the attendees and other expenses that may be incurred (such as food and transportation for the WMPH representatives).

Silver Sponsorship package includes the following:

  • Company name and logo in event streamers
  • Recognition in media announcements
  • Speaker slot at the U.P. Film Institute
  • Booth at Ang Bahay ng Alumni
  • Display of 2 streamers (3'x6') at the U.P. Film Institute and Ang Bahay ng Alumni
  • Link from the Y4iT website
  • Org literature included with the Y4iT kit
  • Company logo included in Y4iT videos
  • Right to raffle off items
  • 1/2 page in the souvenir program
  • 2 copies of the souvenir program
  • 1 UP ITTC training voucher (worth ₱7,000)
  • 1 reserved seat at the speaker's venue
  • Certificate of appreciation

People involved in the projectEdit

  • Eugene Villar (seav) - Project head
  • Butch Bustria (Exec8) - Project lead
  • Roel Balingit (Scorpion prinz) - Finance, Paraphernalia committee (tarpaulin)
  • Josh Lim (Sky Harbor) - Resource speaker, Paraphernalia committee (business cards)
  • Jojit Ballesteros (Jojit fb) - Resource speaker
  • Relly Bautista (Cloudhand) - Paraphernalia committee (brochures/souvenirs/giveaways), Volunteer committee
  • Bel Ballesteros - Paraphernalia committee (business cards/IDs)
  • Tristian Marco San Andres (Chitetskoy) - Wikipedian volunteer
  • Ryan Angelo Maniego - volunteer referred by Roel
  • Sheila Asuncion - volunteer referred by Relly
  • Patricia Asuncion - volunteer referred by Relly
  • Precious Bustria - volunteer referred by Butch



Budget is detailed on the Wikimedia Foundation's grant proposal page for this project. Amount requested to WMF is P111,000 (around $2,500).


  • Posters/tarpaulins
    • Josh Lim might know of some printers
  • Calling cards
    • Fishbowl for calling cards
      • Buy or borrow?
  • Rolling video to be projected
  • Brochures to be given away (5,000 pieces)
  • LCD Projector
  • Portable computer
  • Identification - T-shirts, IDs, Business Card and Carrying Case, Lanyard for officers and booth personnel
  • Fishnet
  • Small banners or flags (Banderitas)
  • Logbook
    • Butch Bustria will print the logbook
  • Desk Portraits
    • Butch Bustria will print the images, only need portrait holder/case


  • Selected slot is September 15, 9:20 am.
  • Speaker is Jojit Ballesteros (Jojit fb).
  • Working title of the talk is "How Wikipedia Changed Our World".
  • Speaker bio and photo has already been sent to UP ITTC.

Giveaways and prizesEdit

  • Souvenir pens (1,000 pieces)
    • Relly Bautista has a contact who can make nice-looking pens with the Wikipedia logo. No update yet from Relly.
  • Wikireader(?)
  • T-shirts with logo
  • Lanyards


  • 3'x6' streamer (2x)
    • Josh Lim might know of some printers
  • Company description and logo for the souvenir program
    • Already sent to UP ITTC.

Exhibit/booth personnelEdit

  • September 14
  • September 15
    • Butch Bustria (Exec8)
    • Eugene Villar (seav) (morning only)
    • Jojit Ballesteros (Jojit fb)
  • September 16
  • September 17

Aside from Wikimedians, there would be volunteers, who are not members of WMPH. Relly, Butch and Roel recommend volunteers.

Actual eventEdit

Day 0, September 13 (ingress)Edit

Present: Butch Bustria, Jojit Ballesteros, Roel Balingit, Bel Ballesteros

The people present were able to finish setting up three tarpaulins (2 horizontal, 1 vertical) at the booth in the Bahay ng Alumni. Other supplies needed for the event were bought from a nearby bookstore.

Day 1, September 14Edit

Present: Butch Bustria, Eugene Villar, Ryan Angelo Maniego, Shiela Asuncion, Patricia Asuncion, Precious Bustria

Before the event started, arrangement of chairs and tables were finalized. Setup of other paraphernalia such as banderitas, acrylic desk portrait or stand, and information sheet was also finished. Projector was used to show Wikimedia Foundation videos. The HD Media Player of Butch Bustria was used instead of a laptop.

There were about 647 people signed in the guestbook. Some people who visited the booth were surprised that Wikipedia is available on different Philippine languages. Some west Visayan delegates were looking for their own Wikipedia language.

Day 2, September 15Edit

Present: Butch Bustria, Eugene Villar, Ryan Angelo Maniego, Patricia Asuncion, Eddilyn Ignacio, Precious Bustria, Tristian Marco San Anders, Jojit Ballesteros, Josh Lim

There was a speaking engagement at the UP Film Center. Jojit Ballesteros gave the talk entitled "Wikipedia Revolutionizes the Web". The questions during Q&A portion were answered by Josh and Jojit. Video taking of the whole talk was done by Butch while pictures of the talk were taken by Eugene using Jojit's camera. Butch also took pictures.

The guestbook had 1,292 entries. Some visitors from the booth invited Wikimedia Philippines to participate on their school fair or roadshows. A visitor from the Technological Institute of the Philippines invited WMPH to the 2010 Technological Institute of the Philippines Roadshow, which was accepted after deliberation from the Board of Trustees..

Picture gallery from Day 2Edit

Video from the Wikimedia Philippines talkEdit

Day 3, September 16Edit

Present: Butch Bustria, Eugene Villar, Ryan Angelo Maniego, Josh Lim, Roel Balingit, Relly Bautista

Josh Lim gave a talk at the Bahay ng Alumni. The guestbook had 1,910 entries.

Day 4, September 17Edit

Present: Butch Bustria, Eugene Villar, Ryan Angelo Maniego, Patricia Asuncion, Precious Bustria, Josh Lim, Roel Balingit, Jojit Ballesteros

There were 2,442 people signed at the guestbook. During the egress, no items were lost. Feedback was given to the organizers.


Details of expenses can be found at the official grant report.