Wikimedia Philippines/Projects/TIP Roadshow 2010

Wikimedia Philippines participated in the 2010 College of Information Technology Education (CITE) Week at Technological Institute of the Philippines as an exhibitor and a slot was given to promote Wikimedia projects through a talk. This event materialized through the efforts of the 2010 Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4iT). TIP CITE invited Wikimedia Philippines during the 2010 Y4iT event.

CITE Week is a semi-annual activity organized by the College of Information Technology Education (CITE) of the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP). Total number of participants in the event is around 800+ persons. The event ran from September 22 to 24, 2010 but CITE only required Wikimedia Philippines to do its roadshow on September 23, where project exhibits were showcased. The exhibit was held at the Arlegui Building of TIP Manila.

The project aims to initially build network and good relationships to student organizations. WMPH can utilize them for future projects such as the Wikipedia Academy. It also aims to bring and promote Wikimedia projects to TIP.

People involved in the projectEdit

Project Coordinator: Jojit Ballesteros
Planning committee: Josh Lim, Butch Bustria, Eugene Villar, Jojit Ballesteros, Roel Balingit
Paraphernalia committee: Roel Balingit, Bel Ballesteros
Volunteer committee: Jojit Ballesteros, Butch Busria, Bel Ballesteros



There is no budget allocation for this event. The Board of Trustees of WMPH agreed to have Jojit Ballesteros shoulder the expenses, initially. Jojit will be reimbursed if expenses can be realigned to the funds otherwise he will make it as a donation. Estimated expenses for this event is about P 1,900.


  • Posters/Tarpaulins
  • Calling cards
    • Acrylic box for calling cards
  • 800 pieces of brochures
  • Identification cards with lanyards for booth personnel
  • Desk portraits
  • Logbook
  • Only Wikimedians will man the booth


  • 20 Wikipedia 0.5 CDs through a magic number in the logbook

Booth personnel

  • September 23
    • Jojit Ballesteros
    • Butch Bustria
    • Bel Ballesteros


Printing of brochures

  • 800 brochures to be printed on Jojit’s printer

Burning of Wikipedia 0.5 CDs for giveaways

  • Burning to be done through Jojit’s PC
  • 20 CDs are ready to be burned
  • Preparation of tarpaulins, logbook, pens, poster stand etc.
  • Recycle marketing paraphernalia used on previous events.
  • Two tarpaulins will be used.
  • A logbook was bought in a bookstore.

Volunteers during the event

  • Wikimedians should be present at the booth at all times.
  • TIP organizers will help WMPH at no cost.

Preperation for the talk

  • The slot that was given to WMPH is from 11:00am to 12:00pm.
  • Jojit gave his previous presentation he had during the Y4iT event.

Documentation of the event

  • Picture taking using personal cameras.
  • Project report to be prepared by Jojit.

Actual eventEdit

Day 1, September 23Edit

Present: Jojit Ballesteros, Bel Ballesteros, Butch Bustria

Jojit and Bel Ballesteros arrived at TIP around 8:00am in the morning and started to setup the booth. Butch arrived around 11:00am before the start of the talk. Students started to sign the logbook around 8:15 am and some of them inquired about Wikipedia. About 160+ persons signed in the logbook.

There are also some high school teachers present, who queried about getting WMPH to their symposium in Rizal High School. Jojit gave the teachers his contact details but no commitment yet.

Jojit’s speaking engagement started around 11:15am. All Wikimedians vacated the booth during the talk. Estimated number of participants during the talk was around 150 to 200 students. Wikimedians returned to the booth around 12:30 pm after they’ve eaten their free lunch. There were only 15 Wikipedia 0.6 CDs given away and about less than 200 brochures were distributed. CDs were also given away during the talk. Wikimedians packed up around 4:00 pm.