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This is the development site of the Pinoy Wikipedia Communities. Filipino communities dedicated to develop specific projects that will cater to people with like-minded interests to showcase and share to the world everything that is Pinoy. Wikimedia Philippines believes in the Bayanihan Spirit that is often seen in traditional Filipino communities. And in a community that shares the same vision the possibilities are endless.


Wikipedia Philippines would like to tap dynamic Filipinos, and even non-Filipinos alike who share the same vision of showcasing and sharing with the world everything that is Pinoy, to form a group of at least five individuals who are in synergy to work for certain types of projects or promote activities that will further the cause of Wikimedia Philippines. These groups may either be, but not limited to:

  1. Geographic — Promotes and implements projects in specific localities where the members are located
  2. Linguistic — Advocates the promotion and advancement of a Philippine language in Wikimedia Project/s
  3. Interest-oriented — Promotes and contributes in a specific Wikimedia Project
  4. Campus-based — Promotes and implements projects in the campus. Groups shall follow the guidelines already set by the Wikimedia Foundation, or Wikipedia Student Organizations.

Communities must be sustainable and shall report directly to the President. Every group shall assign a coordinator to serve as liaison between the community and Wikimedia Philippines. Members of communities shall also be considered as member of chapter, and shall be subject to the rules of the organization.


The Project Management Committee shall be primarily in charge of supervising the communities to ensure that they remain attune to the purpose of their community. The projects must also be relevant to their communities, and the advocacy of Wikimedia Philippines. Wikimedia Philippines shall also provide funding for the implementation of the communities projects and activities and shall be subject to the expense and reportorial policies of the organization.

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