Wikimedia Philippines/Projects/NCS 2010

Wikimedia Philippines participated in the 11th National Convention on Statistics (NCS), a triennial event organized by the Philippines' National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), as an exhibitor and as delegates. The event, held on October 4 and 5, 2010 at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel, Mandaluyong City, aimed to elicit cooperation and support from statisticians and professionals from various sectors towards a more responsive statistical system. As an exhibitor, this event can be a vehicle to reach out to professionals and experts to participate on Wikimedia-related projects and how can they help on improving Wikipedia articles, specifically regarding statistical information and the LGU Project. As delegates, chapter members can learn from experts about statistical subjects. The event is also a way to partner with NSCB, the government agency that has an authority on coordination of Philippine statistical information and analysis. Total number of participants in the conventions is around 1,100+ persons.

WMPH's participation was enabled through an approved grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.

People involved in the projectEdit

  • Jojit Ballesteros (Jojit fb) - Project head / Delegate
  • Josh Lim (Sky Harbor) - Delegate
  • Butch Bustria (Exec8) - Delegate
  • Eugene Villar (seav) - Paraphernalia comittee (brochure design)
  • Roel Balingit (Scorpion prinz) - Finance, Paraphernalia committee (brochure design)
  • Bel Ballesteros - Paraphernalia committee, Communications committee
  • Felix Fajardo - volunteer referred by Jojit



Budget is detailed on the Wikimedia Foundation's grant proposal page for this project. Amount requested to WMF is P54,000 (around $1,200).


  • Posters/tarpaulins
    • Recycle previous tarpaulin used during the Y4iT event but one tarpaulin stand will be borrowed.
  • Calling cards
    • Acrylic box for calling cards
      • Purchase an acrylic box for calling cards
  • Rolling video to be projected or displayed
  • Brochures to be given away (800 pieces)
  • LCD Projector
  • Portable computer for registration
    • Borrow from Jojit
  • HD Media Player
    • Borrow from Butch
  • Desk Portraits
  • Bag for Pick-a-Prize
  • Utilize only one volunteer in the booth

Exhibit/booth personnelEdit

  • October 4
    • Jojit Ballesteros (Jojit fb)
    • Butch Bustria (Exec8)
    • Bel Ballesteros
    • Felix Fajardo
  • October 5
    • Jojit Ballesteros (Jojit fb)
    • Butch Bustria (Exec8)
    • Bel Ballesteros
    • Felix Fajardo


  • Pick-a-prize
    • 20 Wikipedia 0.5 CDs will be given away

Actual eventEdit

Day 1, October 4Edit

Present: Jojit Ballesteros, Bel Ballesteros, Felix Fajardo, Butch Bustria, Josh Lim

Before the event started, setting up the booth was finished after getting permission from EDSA Sharingla Hotel management. Projector was used to show Wikimedia Foundation videos. The HD Media Player of Butch Bustria was used instead of a laptop.

Wikipedia 0.5 CDs were given away to lucky visitors of the booth. Some CDs were also given to prominent personalities such as Economist Winnie Monsod, Albay Governor Joey Salceda and NSCB Secretary General Romulo Virola. There are some visitors who asked if we WMPH can be invited for a talk at their organization. Butch talked to Joey Salceda regarding the LGU project.

There were about 80+ people signed in the electronic guestbook.

After the event, WMPH members talked about reviving the LGU project in Wikipedia.

Day 2, October 5Edit

Present: Jojit Ballesteros, Bel Ballesteros, Felix Fajardo, Butch Bustria, Roel Balingit

Jojit Ballesteros was able to talk to Dr. Melchor Magramo, Research Director of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University, Iloilo City. They are interested in contributing to Wikimedia projects, specifically the expansion of the Hiligaynon Wikipedia. They also wanted WMPH to hold a workshop at their University.

Remaining CDs were given away to other NSCB employees.

The electronic guestbook had 90+ entries.


Details of expenses can be found at the official grant report.

Event evaluationEdit

Did the event fulfill its goals and objectives?Edit

Quantitatively, the project did not meet the project goals based on the parameters set on the grant proposal. The 60% of paraphernalia has not been distributed during the convention. There is no indication that NCS resulted to having new editors on Wikipedia, although, there is at least one professional, Dr. Magramo, who is interested in contributing to the Hiligaynon Wikipedia.

Qualitatively, it’s hard to tell if the project was able to build a strong support that will enable WMPH to roll out future programs outside Manila. Although, there are networks built on some organizations including NSCB. Meeting with those organizations should be set.

What worked in the eventEdit

  • Having a tarpaulin stand worked.
  • Well organized booth
  • Talking with people built networks
  • Professionals and prominent people were happy about the Wikipedia 0.5 CDs, so, those are ideal giveaways.
  • There are always people on the booth and they were able to answer questions of visitors.
  • Felix Fajardo is effective as a volunteer.

Points of improvementEdit

  • A manual logbook is more effective. We can have two logbooks in the future, one manual and other electronic.
  • Do not expect too much on a volunteer. It just gives undue pressure to them. Do not expect the volunteer to know everything. Even regular members does not have all the answers to the visitors' questions. The important thing is to have polite conversation with visitors.
  • Better estimation, design and management of brochures.
  • Better design of the tarpaulin.
  • Delegates should have been present all times during the convention.

What should be removedEdit

  • Nothing should be removed. We have to just improve the things that we are doing.

What should be retainedEdit

  • Good relationship with NSCB. NSCB can help Wikimedia Philippines on the LGU project.
  • Felix is commendable as a a volunteer