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Here are the latest news from Wikimedia Norge!

Wikimedia Norge
Wikimedia Norge
General assembly
This year's general assembly was held on March 6th, and the minutes are available here. Amongst other things, it was decided to give Wikimedia Norge an official name in Southern Sámi, Lule Sámi and Kven. That means that we now have 6 official names: Wikimedia Norge (Norwegian Bokmål), Wikimedia Noreg (Norwegian Nynorsk), Wikimedia Norga (Northern Sámi), Wikimedia Vuodna (Lule Sámi), Wikimedia Nöörje (Southern Sámi) and Wikimedia Norja (Kven).
New board
Hogne Neteland exited the board after many years of service, we would like to thank him for his efforts! Sigrun Espe continues as board chair. The board has two new board members:
  • Fredrik Ljone, Bergen. Board member, elected for the 2021–2023 term. Ljone is dedicated to sharing knowledge, open data and rule of law. He has taken the initiative to make the law more accessible for everyone through and
  • Stian Amadeus Antonsen, Oslo. Deputy board member, elected for the 2021–2022 term. Antonsen has a lot of experience from different civil society organizations, and works as a political advisor in the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH). He is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and wants everyone to be able to share in the production and dissemination of knowledge.
Welcome to them both!
Arctic Knot
On June 24–25, Wikimedia Norge will organize the digital Arctic Knot Wikimedia Language Conference.
Wikipedia is a cornerstone of the digital age, but the knowledge you'll find isn't evenly distributed across languages. The Wikimedia movement is about to implement its 2030 strategy, while UNESCO is working on the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (IDIL), which starts in 2022. IDIL shows the potential that technology has in supporting and maintaining indigenous languages. These milestones form a frame for the conference, where we will discuss linguistic diversity in the Wikimedia projects, and how to build good linguistic environments for the users of indigenous and underrepresented language communities.
Arctic Knot is a conference for all Wikipedians and Wikimedians who are interested in indigenous languages, and also for organizations and institutions working in this field. This year's special focus will be on the Sámi languages. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Jon Harald Søby at
Administrator meetup
On Saturday, March 20, we held a administrator meetup for the Norwegian-language Wikimedia projects. There were 10 participants, of which one is a Wiktionary administrator, and the rest are administrators on the Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia. The meetup was initiated by Wikimedia Norge on request from the community.
During the meetup there was a walkthrough of "hidden" or little-known administrator tools, like mass deletion, new blocking options and patrolling tools. There was also broad agreement that there is a need to update and centralize rules and guidelines on-wiki.
Wikimedia Enterprise
With its new project Wikimedia Enterprise, the Wikimedia Foundation is working on a way to cooperate with commercial actors like Google and Amazon. A lot of commercial actors are already using Wikimedia content, but without any formal agreements or financial compensation. Wikimedia Enterprise is meant to be a service that will improve the user experience of Wikimedia outside of the Wikimedia platforms, and also be financially self-sustaining.
According to an article in Wired, the Wikimedia Foundation wants to make the effort of the volunteers more visible, and stimulate the tech giants to help contribute to the volunteer community.
Wikipedia 20 years
The Norwegian minister of education, Guri Melby, has sent a video message to all Wikipedians in connection with the 20th anniversary! Go have a look! Remember that you too can send a message!

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