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Wikimedia Niger-Delta

Digitalizing the Niger-Delta

The Wikimedia Niger Delta, also to be known as Wikimedia UG Niger-Delta or WND, is going to be a Wikimedia user group for the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, and it going to serve Wikimedians in the Niger Delta. It is currently in planing phase

Wikimedia Niger Delta is going to be an official affiliate of Wikimedia Foundation and also a member of the Wikimedia User Group Nigeria. This user group seeks to promote the use of Wikimedia projects by residents of Niger Delta, and to also help in creating awareness on how the everyday Niger Deltan can contribute to the pool of Knowledge, which is Wikimedia -- most especially in the efforts of translating Wikipedia into the diverse local languages of Niger Delta.

We aim to achieve this by hosting several projects and events including (but not limited to): edit-a-thons, GLAMs, Photo Contest, Wikipedia Education programs and other projects, which aim to promote Wikimedia projects in Niger Delta.


  • To promote the use of Wikimedia projects by people living n Niger Delta
  • To help people in Niger Delta learn how to contribute to Wikimedia projects
  • To organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedians at various locations in Niger Delta

Proposed ActivitiesEdit

  • Organizing Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia, Wikisource, and Wikidata in Niger Delta
  • Organizing Photo Contest for Commons in Niger Delta
  • Promote editing of Niger Delta-related content on Wikimedia projects
  • Training around Niger Delta on how to edit Wikimedia projects
  • Participating in Wiki Loves Africa
  • Wikipedia Education Program
  • GLAMs
  • Wikipedia Zero
  • Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors
  • Open Street Maps Editing
  • Wikipedia Offline (Kiwix)
  • Wikimedia In Residence (WIR)


We aim at starting off with the hosting of events (possibly Photo Contest, Edit-a-ton); then we should be able to gather enthusiast and members--which is one of the requirements of the Wikimedia Foundation Once we can attract the membership of the existing Wikimedians in the Niger Delta region, we will file an application to be recognized as an official Wikimedia Affiliate as a User Group.

Contact informationEdit

Please use this wikipage's talk page to contact this group. You can also contact this group by emailing: wpportharcourt[at]

Members StatesEdit


Membership in Wikimedia Niger Delta User Group is open to all people interested in supporting the mission of the group. People from WMF affiliate user groups and other active Wikimedians in any Niger Delta states are invited to join. Outreach will occur across Niger Delta in order to attract members with diverse interests and skills. Interested in joining Wikimedia Niger Delta? Just go ahead and add your name here using this template:
* [[User:Username|Full Name]] - State.
Where, "Username" == your Wikpedia/Wikimedia username; "Full Name == your full name; "State" == your primary state of residence

After doing that, Attend one of our meetups in any state. You will be provided with a form to fill (for documentation purpose)

Events and ProjectsEdit

Wikimedia Niger Delta will organize and participate in activities in line with Wikimedia vision and mission.

We will kick-off PhotFest, a unique event by WND and will host it in several cities in the Niger Delta starting from Port Harcourt PhotoFest to Owerri PhotoFest, Calabar PhotoFest, Aba PhotoFest until we touch every city in the Niger Delta

We will host meetups monthly (or every three months) at different cities of the region.

Grant AnnouncementEdit

  • We have submitted grant requested for one of our first event which will be used to create awareness in Port Harcourt a member state of the Niger Delta