Wikimedia New Zealand/meeting

Wikimedia New Zealand

Wikipedians Meetup

Date: TBA

Agenda Edit

New Zealand stuff Edit

  • How does Wikipedia cover New Zealand
  • Are there ample Kiwi articles?
  • If not, what can we do to improve that?
  • Are all towns/cities covered, should we look at a project to get images from all theses towns?
  • Schools, What New Zealand schools should Wikipedia cover, what should be the base criteria for a School to have its own article?
  • Should we have a list of all NZ schools, in a [List of New Zealand Schools]?

Chapter Questions. Edit

  • Does Wikimedia New Zealand plan to install servers in New Zealand?
  • Is it actually possible for a Incorporated Society in New Zealand to transfer proceeds of donations to a US based organisation?
  • Should we have online AGM’s, Are online AGMs legal?
  • Where should we base Wikimedia New Zealand
  • Do we need office space? It seems unnecessary and expensive.
  • Should professional advice should be sought on issues such as public liability and defamation before we go ahead with any chapter proposal..
  • Why might we want to setup a local chapter?
  • If we setup a local chapter, what implication are there?
  • How does the chapter serve its members? They are paying for membership after all.

Misc stuff Edit

  • Do we enjoy editing wikipedia?
  • Any complaints?
  • Whats the Admin/User ratio at this meetup