Вікімедіа Нью-Йорк

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Wikimedia New York City — некомерційна організація і локальне відділення Вікімедії для Нью-Йорка і Нью-Йоркської столичної області.

Wikimedia New York City began as a grassroots community of Wikipedians, information professionals, and activists committed to connecting the peoples and institutions of the New York Metropolitan area with Wikipedia and the larger free-culture movement. Prior to its recognition as an official chapter in 2009, its members clearly articulated their commitment to building a Wikipedia as democratic and diverse as the New York City subway and to partnering with libraries, museums, and educational institutions that shared their vision in providing access to knowledge. Its members also distinguished themselves through their commitment to the larger free-culture movement, recognizing that Wikipedia exists as part of a greater information ecosystem. The realization of this early vision for the Chapter is evidenced in its partnerships, its edit-a-thons and monthly meetups, and its role in the early development and growth of projects such as AfroCROWD, Art + Feminism, "Wiki Loves …" initiatives, and other catalyzing, replicable, global efforts growing from a diverse local context.

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