Wikimedia New York City/Press credentials

Wikimedia New York City issues press credentials to qualified Wikimedia contributors who request them.

Confirm the validity of press credentials by contacting <>.

Press agent requirementsEdit

Persons requesting press credentials must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be able to prove past experience in journalism
    1. Must provide evidence of having been granted press credentials in the past by a traditional media organization
    2. Must provide a portfolio of published work
  2. Be an expert Wikimedia contributor
    1. Must be able to speak thoughtfully on the nature of Wikipedia and in the manner of people with the Wikimedia community culture
    2. Must be a Wikimedia contributor in good standing
  3. Fill out this form
  4. Have a video, phone, or in-person interview with a representative of the Wikimedia New York City

Press agent supportEdit

Persons which Wikimedia New York City authorizes as press agents get organizational guidance from the chapter and the below described support.

Organizational supportEdit

Any press agent with a question about Wikimedia projects should contact Wikimedia New York City for support. WM NYC seeks to support the professionalism of press agents as representatives of the organization and the global Wikimedia community.

Proof of accreditationEdit

Media organizations may confirm the press credentials of press agents by emailing

Wikimedia New York City's press accreditation is authorization for a press agent to represent the Wikipedia and Wikimedia community at events on behalf of Wikimedia New York City as an affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation and a chapter of the Wikimedia community.

Wikimedia New York City will provide a letter of accreditation (see example). The press agent can provide this letter to venues and event organizers when making a request for press access. Wikimedia New York City can also provide a badge and business cards to press agents.

Limits of supportEdit

Wikimedia New York City is unable to offer any of the following:

  • Payment for labor, such as journalism or photography. Wikimedia community members are volunteers.
  • Travel funding. Wikimedia community members may seek travel funding through the Wikimedia Foundation's grant process at Grants:Travel and Participation Support
  • Negotiation of press access. Persons holding WM NYC press credentials are responsible for negotiating press access for themselves. Beyond confirming press credentials WM NYC cannot assist its press agents in gaining press access to events. Press agents use their personal skills as journalists to gain access to events.