Wikimedia New York City/Annual plan/2021-2022

At the core of Wikimedia NYC is its people - the volunteers who facilitate edit-a-thons and other programming, the new editors ready to share their local knowledge, and the readers who incorporate the sum of that knowledge into their understanding of the world around them. Wikimedia NYC, like other affiliates, has radically reshaped its programming in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and anticipates that it will continue to evolve as New York City slowly resumes in-person gatherings. Descriptions of Wikimedia NYC's programmatic areas are available in Wikimedia NYC's 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

Annual Plan 2021-2022 Edit

As outlined in sAPG 2020-2021, the Board of Wikimedia NYC launched a new strategic planning process in response to the larger Wikimedia 2030 strategy process, and this work is happening within the context of a global pandemic. While this process is ongoing, it has reaffirmed the Chapter’s commitment to bring New York together to share in a richer and more representative free knowledge ecosystem. In order to achieve this vision, Wikimedia NYC must grow its capacity through hiring its first full-time staff person.

In the year ahead, Wikimedia NYC will:

  • Build upon recent work building out Wikimedia NYC’s organizational infrastructure by hiring an Executive Director (ED) and evaluating areas for growth
  • Experiment with evolving programmatic needs
  • Continue to host edit-a-thons and other programs in support of knowledge equity
  • Conditionally upon hiring an Executive Director, build capacity with our partners