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Wikimedia MA User Group/Policies

  • In order to be a member of Wikimedia Morocco user Group, one should be either:
  1. A Wikipedia user living in Morocco and interested in Moroccan issues.
  2. A Morocccan citizens using wikipedia, besides the location.
  3. In Exceptional cases, a Wikipedia user not Moroccan, neither living in Morocco, but genuinely interested in Moroccan related subjects in Wikipedia.

Moreover, the member should have a Wikipedia account, and show a mimimum of interest in the development of Wikipedia

  • In order to be member of the Wikimedia Morocco user group board, a member should have:
  1. A Wikipedia account that is at least 3 years old (or a proof of using wikipedia and editing it an equivalent time).
  2. At least 500 edits in combined languages and projects.
  • The board is elected at October of each year, and the duration of the membership in the board is one year for each election. There is no maximum time at any post.