Wikimedia LGBT/2021-12-07

This online videoconference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: Tuesday 7 December 1700 UTC (1700 UK, 1800 DE, 0900 PDT, 1200 EST)
  • GCal: ----
  • Location: ---- The meeting will have an entry lobby, please reach out on the Telegram group if you are left waiting.

An etherpad link will be shared during the meeting, please help us take rolling notes.

The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.

Agenda edit

  1. Intro (J. 2 min)
  2. WMLGBT+ Governance Committee feedback (J. 5 min)
  3. QW Planning team status (O. 2 min)
  4. Feedback from WMF DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) research presentation and implications, also ref this WMF jobspec (A. 5 min)

Attendees edit

  • 3 participants in the Zoom

Notes edit

It was proposed that when planning user group monthly meetings for 2022, we may be more accessible if the meetings were to alternate between weekdays and weekends.

As part of the discussion on possible actions to improve the diversity of representation within the user group, the QW2022 proposal should have managed targets for representation of women and non-English speakers both to manage the conference and in support roles.

It was noted that QW2022 conference preparation should recognize the value of volunteers attending other LGBTQ conferences, both to pick up techniques and make contacts for QW2022 content.

Part of the QW2022 preparation is to pursue a small rapid grant focused on preparing and testing technology, with an additional outcome that a template for how "local nodes" for the conference could ask for aditional rapid grants for their deployment if not directly covered by partnerships or similar in the QW2022 proposal. As each community has its own dynamics, this reduces the risk of constraining the response by setting an central budget.

It was proposed that QW2022 team preparation could usefully include a workshop on practical methods to manage privacy or anonymity.

Some WMF DEI feedback had been shared on the Telegram group, though the presentation materials are available confidentially, they will be published by the WMF within the month.

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