Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance/2021-11-28

WMLGBT+ Governance Committee minutes
28 November 2021, 1600-1700 UTC

Refer to Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance for scope and membership.



3 committee members were present by Zoom conference with Claudia of WMAT as a guest. The absent member would contribute by a separate review before these minutes were finalized.

A proposed agenda was circulated before the meeting in line with the titles below. The meeting lasted 1 hour.



QW2021 remaining funds

  1. It was agreed that 1 December would be a deadline to make a final decision for funding of 2,000 Euro set aside for Wiki Loves Pride. Action 2.1
  2. The proposal for QW2022 should be drafted by 10 December, though the release of the proposal may move into next year without this being a governance problem for paying for part of the technical writing effort.
  3. WMAT would determine through consultation with the WMF how the unused 14,000 euros would be returned or redirected. Action 2.2, monitor progress

Operating procedures for the elected WMLGBT+ committee


Interim proposals for the UG committee on to be ready for the user group meeting on 7th December and to agree a process for ratification. This may not be dependent on the envisioned QW2022 conference happening. Action 2.3

Additional members of GovCom


It was agreed that one or two additional members of GovCom would make the process more sustainable. The current membership is 4 with a quorum set at 3 attendees. Members would seek opportunities before the next meeting to invite or recommend potential new members who meet the eligibility requirements. Action 2.4

Review of Actions

  • 1.1: To be published, list of draft resolutions and policies that the user group needs in place before formalizing a board next year.
  • 1.2: Draft a whistle-blowing policy and general complaints process for the user group.
  • 2.2: Monitor the WMAT return of unused budget.
  • 2.3: Draft the necessary interim operating proposals for UG committee.
  • 2.4: Invite or recommend potential new GovCom members.
  • 2.1: Wiki Loves Pride funding. Closed soon after the GovCom meeting by email discussion with WLP organizers. The funds are to be returned.