Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance/2021-07-31

Refer to Wikimedia LGBT+/Governance.

This is the first meeting of the WMLGBT+ User Group Governance Committee.

31 July 2021 @1800 UTC timezone convert.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Financial review with WMAT
  2. User Group complaints policy
  3. User Group whistle-blowing policy
  4. Governance-related policies needed for establishing user group elections and initial board governance



Fæ, Jeffrey Keefer and OwenBlacker.

Meeting notes

  • Action 1.1: Jeffrey to email Rachael and agree on the list of draft resolutions and policies that the user group needs in place before formalizing a board next year.
  • Action 1.2: Fae to draft a whistle-blowing policy and general complaints process for the user group.

The status of monies held by WMAT on behalf of WMLGBT+ was discussed. There are currently no outstanding actions for the governance team.

The Governance team membership was discussed. It was agreed that it would be sufficient to invite appropriately experienced members to supplement the team with the understanding that a more transparent process for adding people to the team would be subject to review by the user group board when established.

The working practice of the Governance team is to use private emails to discuss confidential governance matters. These will not be published but as much as is reasonable will be summarized on meta as user group records.

It was agreed that the Governance Committee would be responsible for policies on complaints and whistle-blowing, ensuring appropriate independence and if necessary recommending resource needs to the User Group.

It was agreed that these meetings are expected to be needed on a no more than quarterly schedule.