Wikimedia India/2004 IRC meeting

Compiled by HPNadig

So, finally, Here's the summary of what was discussed on last week's online meet on #in.wikimedia, a step towards what can be perhaps the "Indian Chapter of Wikimedia"...

I've arranged the chat that went on in this following order, so that the readers can make out what was addressed and what decision was taken...
The order is as below:

  • 1 - Issues that were addressed.
  • 2 - Suggestions on issues by participants/collective opinions.
  • 3 - Decisions made/Conclusions arrived at.


If the chapter is formed, what will it qualify as, legally? edit

  1. Will it qualify as an NGO or would it be an association?
  2. pamri suggested taking help of his friend who works in an organisation which basically helps other NGO's to get started, though he does feel that it is too early for incorporating a NGO.
  3. It was concluded that NGOs should be contacted and sought advise on formation of a legal body, and Hemanshu would volunteer to do that.

Is it too early for incorporating a NGO? edit

  1. is it too early for incorporating a NGO?
  2. We might look at the extremities, but 'too early' is a vague idea.
  3. We need to work on setting up a network of all Indian wikipedians, and work towards setting up an environment favouring the organization since (as pamri puts in) starting something online to starting a NGO is quite different.

If at all chapter is formed, where should it be located? edit

  1. Hemanshu: since the chapter will be offline, I beleive we will have to decide a location for it
  2. Delhi was found to be out of question, Mumbai and Bangalore could be the possibilities.
  3. It was concluded that Bangalore could be the most favourable place, though the other options are always open.

Funding edit

  1. would funding be an issue?
  2. both pamri and hpnadig feel that funding might not be an issue. pamri feels that there should be more members to start with. 'network', 'clear agenda' and less expenses is what he stresses on.
  3. The conclusion was that there're a bunch of people 'in', already. And they would help grow the network, so the number shouldn't really matter much as it is bound to grow.

So, should there indeed be an Indian chapter? edit

  1. should there indeed be an Indian chapter? are we going a bit thick about it?
  2. All collectively agree that an Indian chapter is required, which should pace up the progress in language wikis of the subcontinent.
  3. It was concluded that there would be another meet, again at the same time the next week.


Apart from the above discussions, a few other issues were talked, too. Anthere's description of experience with French chapter gave some useful insight into the possible problems. Few discussions about the goals that Wikimedia chapters should pertain to, were also discussed.