Wikimedia Ghana User Group/Nimble Project

Overview edit

The Nimble project aims to create Nimble, an interactive tool featuring a basic step-by-step guide to editing Wikipedia for Ghanaian editors.

Background edit

Since 2021, the Wikimedia Ghana User Group has been considering how we can train newcomers to edit Wikipedia without them waiting for an organised online or in-person workshop to attend. We planned to create an online tool to decentralize learning, so Ghanaian editors can take up editing without needing to engage our affiliate.

About Nimble Tool edit

  • The Nimble tool guides newcomers in learning the basics of Wikipedia editing and helps them make their first edit.
  • Nimble is modelled after the chronological way in which Wikimedia Ghana User Group has successfully administered Wikipedia 101 training sessions over the years, which have yielded the first edits for hundreds of editors.
  • Nimble content is designed to be lightweight in (internet) data usage and contains no video instructions. The front end is thus an interactive single-page application (SPA).

Development edit

The concept and features of Nimble have changed over the years.

While we are clear on what we want to achieve, we are also monitoring other movement interventions like the Growth features, Campaign tools and Africa Growth Pilot and others aimed towards contributions and editor retention to ensure we are not replicating what already exists.