Wikimedia Foundation website/WordPress theme

The WordPress theme developed for the Wikimedia Foundation website, known as Shiro, is available for download and use by movement groups and affiliates. This page can be utilized to track steps necessary for its usage. The Wikimedia Foundation does not provide direct support for usage of this theme. Please feel free to add notes based on your own implementation experiences.

Screenshot of WordPress theme, known as Shiro, developed for Wikimedia Foundation website
Public mirror of code base
Maintained byWikimedia Foundation

Code repository edit

The code utilized by the Wikimedia Foundation website is available in a public mirror on GitHub.

Implementation edit

To install the Shiro theme on your site:

  1. Download, install and activate this plugin: (otherwise, upon activating the Shiro theme, you will get a "PHP Fatal error": Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Asset_Loader\\Manifest\\get_active_manifest() in /wp-content/themes/shiro/inc/assets.php:16)
  2. Download the code repository for the Shiro theme
  3. Copy the shiro folder in the themes folder to the themes folder of your site's WordPress installation
  4. Upload a new header image and logo file
    • Header: wikimediafoundation-org/themes/shiro/assets/src/svg/header.svg
    • Header logo: wikimediafoundation-org/themes/shiro/assets/src/svg/individual/logo-horizontal.svg
  5. Select the theme in the Theme management section of your site's administration dashboard
  6. Customize the theme in your site's theme customization section of your site's administration dashboard
    • Be sure to replace logo in Footer section

Instructions for Linux edit

  1. Use git clone to clone wikimediafoundation-org repo.
  2. Move shiro from to your-wordpresss-installation-folder/wp-content/themes.
  3. Follow the steps above.

Note: After activation a error popup will appear. You can safely ignore this, your theme is active. Also ignore the update message, is for another shiro theme not owned by Wikimedia Foundation.

Updating theme edit

The site's theme version number includes the date when the theme was most recently updated (X.MMDDYYYY). If there has been an update to the theme since you implemented it, you can update your theme by:

  1. Downloading the code repository for the Shiro theme
  2. Replacing the shiro folder in themes folder of your site's WordPress installation with the shiro folder in the themes folder of the code repository for the Wikimedia Foundation website

Known issues edit

These are known issues with easy implementation of the theme:

  • None known at this time

Documentation edit

Documentation for using the Shiro theme provided within the theme code repository's wiki.

Existing usage edit

These sites are currently utilizing the Shiro theme: