Vikimedijos Fondo svetainė/2017-2018 metų atnaujinimas

This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation website/2017-2018 update and the translation is 57% complete.

The Wikimedia Foundation communications department is leading a redesign to improve and update the Foundation’s website during Fiscal Year 2017-2018.

In 2016, the Communications department, at the request of the Leadership team, agreed to undertake a review of the current Wikimedia Foundation website. Based on that assessment, the decision was made to redevelop the existing Wikimedia Foundation website.


The Wikimedia Foundation website is a high-traffic web destination for thousands of monthly visitors. We aim to update the site to increase staff usage of this high visibility communications point, and improve understanding of the Foundation’s work among community, donors, partners, and potential employees.


Current stages: Design and develop
  • Audit - Establish traffic patterns, current usage habits, total pages, etc.
  • Discovery - Partner with Mule Design to understand site needs from Foundation staff and other key stakeholders.
  • Design - Explore approaches to improving the site. Assess best approaches with key stakeholders.
  • Develop - Build new site materials, architecture, and designs to suit established needs.
  • Deploy - Update Foundation site and educate Foundation staff on how to make changes.


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Soft launch

Soft launch

On 30 July 2018 the Wikimedia Foundation soft launched the new website. Soft launch will conclude when these goals are achieved:

  • Translated into at least 5 target languages
  • Completion of quality assurance testing with outside vendors (including completion of accessibility testing)

Atsiliepimus galima pateikti Meta-Viki tinklalapio aptarimų puslapyje.


Vikimedijos Fondo komanda

Išoriniai partneriai

We are working with Mule Design on this project. Mule is based in San Francisco, and has completed 6+ projects with the Wikimedia Foundation, establishing deep understanding for our free and open cultural values and unique design needs. These projects include the Public Policy portal, Wikipedia 15, and the 2016 Wikimedia Foundation brand update.

Mule will lead discovery, design, and site development for this project collaborating closely with Foundation staff (especially in the Communications department) and key stakeholders.


Findings from research conducted for this work: