Wikimedia monthly activities meetings/Quarterly reviews/Discovery, July 2016

Notes from the Quarterly Review meeting with the Wikimedia Foundation's Discovery team, July 11, 11:00 - 11:45 AM PT.

Please keep in mind that these minutes are mostly a rough paraphrase of what was said at the meeting, rather than a source of authoritative information. Consider referring to the presentation slides, blog posts, press releases and other official material Present (in the office): Katherine, Dan G., Heather, Joady, Toby, Robla; participating remotely: Maggie, Katie H, Trevor, Wes, Deb.

Discovery FY2015-16 Q4 review

Objective: Improve inter-wiki integrationEdit

Dan: we were directing many people away from other languages to English due to presence of English search terms in other languages

Objective: Upgrade ElasticsearchEdit

  • Dan: upgrade to ES2 was for a feature that was postponed to ES5
  • Katherine: is there a roadmap for ES5
  • Dan: I think Q2, not sure

Objective: Geospatial queries for WDQSEdit

  • Dan: managed to add this near start of quarter.
  • Katherine: what's the relative sense of the metrics?
  • Dan: launched service in September.
  • Dan: iventaire uses WDQS (Magnus Manske)
  • Toby: WDQS has a lot of mindshare. concern is we have one person on this
  • Dan: integrated map service with results

Objective: Geospatial queries for WDQSEdit

Native apps on WikivoyageEdit

  • Dan: maps are in production rather than Labs
  • Katherine: what's the adoption?
  • Dan: Currently on all Wikivoyages as default maps engine and smaller wikis. Replacing older geo coordinates pages.
  • Katherine: Interested in what the value is
  • Dan: Wikivoyage is very excited about this. Wikipedia doesn't have it yet
  • Toby: would like to collaborate for mobile
  • Dan: powers "nearby" on android and ios is looking at service as well

Native apps on WikivoyageEdit

Objective: Understand Wikipedia map needsEdit

Dan: Wikipedia is more complicated


  • Deb: A/B tests (talking through slide)
  • Deb: 1 and 2 graduated, 3 consultation
  • Katherine: what languages are you're translating the conversation into?
  • Deb: Language detection; people couldn't find their language. Primary language in the top 10 slot no matter what
  • Katherine: will follow up offline

Core WorkflowsEdit

Dan: hiring and staffing. Katie took over as Head of Discovery. Data Analyst accepted


May: new footer with descriptive text for sister wiki projectsEdit

The effectEdit

Browser language detection (June 2)Edit

  • Deb: (describing image) Latvia chosen because the browser has Latvian as preferred language
  • Katherine: resorting for all locales? that's incredible? who gets dropped?
  • Deb: still have top wikis
  • Katherine: user satisfaction given Latvian has 88,000 articles?
  • Dan: they can always go back to hte portal to get back to English
  • Toby: classic quant analysis issue
  • Toby: we should sync with Reading and Editing about language selection
  • Toby: I'd love to see what you're doing for user satisfaction; e.g. Facebook's CSL
  • Dan: mainly tracking if click on link, stay for 10 seconds. Seems to be the industry standard, even though it has problems
  • Maggie: wonderful what you're doing here, and wonderful to see attention to sister projects

Effect - More likely pathsEdit

Multilingual resultsEdit

  • Dan: discovery is about finding so much content we have on our sites, so people can find it
  • Katherine: really exciting. seems team is very much integration team as disocvery team
  • Deb: quite a few people have as their homepage, wanted to find out why
  • Toby: Leila has interesting research for you