Wikimedia Foundation elections 2015/Committee/Tasks

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This page was used to track tasks and discussions deadlines for the 2015 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee.

Active tasks

Completed tasks

  • Prepare SecurePoll instructions
  • Prepare GOTV blog post
  • MassMessages
    • FDC Questions
    • FDC Voting
    • Board Questions
    • Board Voting
  • Finalize schedule
  • Finalize voter requirements
  • Finalize candidate requirements
  • Finalize voting methods
  • Discuss banner designs by end of Tuesday
  • Discuss text for banners by end of Thursday
  • Finalize initial banner designs
  • Finalize initial banner schedule
  • Finalize initial banner text
  • Identify priorities for translation by end of Thursday
  • Finalize nomination process
  • Prepare wikipages for translation by end of Sunday
  • Create and send out nomination email to:
    • wikimedia-l
  • Finalize templates by the end of Sunday
  • Finalize later banners designs by Friday
  • Finalize later banners schedule by Friday
  • Finalize later banners text by Friday