Wikimedia Foundation elections 2015/Committee/Minutes/30 April 2015

Notes and the agenda from the 30 April 2015 IRC meeting of the 2015 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee.


  • KTC
  • Greg
  • James
  • Trijnstel


  • Final prep for FDC voting
  • Thoughts on mailing list discussions
  • MassMessages
  • SecurePoll page thoughts
  • Lingering urgent items


  • Final translations are being sent to professional translators
  • No changes to requirements based on mailing list conversations
  • MassMessages for discussion period for FDC will be held off in favor or a more elaborate MassMessage when FDC voting begins
  • Greg will work on draft for blog post about board voting
  • Use of existing summaries is best option for FDC elections
    • We will ask board candidates to submit a shorter summary for use on SecurePoll
  • James went over the process that will be used for entering the election encryption keys