Wikimedia Foundation elections 2015/Committee/Minutes/25 April 2015

Notes and the agenda for the upcoming 25 April 2015 WebEx meeting of the 2015 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee.


  • James
  • Philippe
  • Greg
  • Risker
  • Ruslan
  • KTC
  • Trijnstel
  • Alice (via Etherpad)


  • Additional ways to get out info about nominations.
    • What wikis are translated messages being posted to? Can folks help with others not yet being targeted?
  • Finalize voting banners
  • "Get Out The Vote" efforts
    • Blog post
    • Emails
      • Mailing list
      • Individual email notices and reminders to qualified voters
    • Banners
      • Mobile banner
    • MassMessage
      • Target wikis
        • Global South
      • Affiliates
    • Mobile voting?
  • Voting system and method of finalizing election
  • ID verify question
  • Vetting candidates / responding to any possible weaknesses or shortages
  • Lingering tasks


  • Nominations
    • FDC staff input
      • Will be able to manage low candidate turnout via appointments or modified committee size
    • Current MassMessage will be sent to volunteer list to help transate and post on non-English wikis
    • A new one will be created, based on existing, but focused on board nominations - sent to pro translators to help with - and also to volunteers to help translate distribute
    • Send out to non-English mailings lists as translations come in
    • Committee members encouraged to reach out
  • Voting banners
    • Planned A/B testing
      • Will want two versions for FDC elections
    • Use 2013 as starting point:

Votes are now being accepted for the Board of Trustees and Funds Dissemination Committee election. Click here to read about the candidates and vote.


  • Mass emails for voting
    • Focus mass email on board election
    • Needs to be translated
    • Finalized by the end of week or early next week
    • James will check on how SUL impacts this type of MassEmail
      • Perhaps based on home wiki, wiki with most edits, or wiki with most recent edits
    • MassMessage
  • FDC outreach
    • FDC outreach should not focus just on existing fundees
    • Possible use of project tools noticeboards and talk pages
  • Blog post about Get Out The Vote
    • Decide by end of weekend
    • James will send out options
    • Decide timeline then
  • ID verify
  • Method of finalizing results
    • Will work from 2013 (10% support requirement)
    • Make consistent for FDC and Board
    • Consensus decision by committe mid-week
  • Candidate summaries on SecurePoll
    • Should figure out format by mid-week for sake of translations
    • Is it possible to do a popup window?
      • James will check
    • James will get back to us on how things are going on SecurePoll