Wikimedia Foundation elections 2015/Committee/Minutes/16 April 2015

Notes and the agenda from the 16 April 2015 IRC meeting of the 2015 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee.


  • James
  • KTC
  • Ajraddatz
  • Trijnstel
  • Ruslik0


  • Not many able to come to the meeting because time was set at last minute. Main meeting will be held on Saturday (19:00 UTC) again.
  • Most important thing is to decide what pages need to be translated by Monday (and make sure they are complete) and to settle on banner text. Paid translations should go out by tonight if possible.
  • Banners for Call for Candidates
  • Do we want one banner for both FDC and Board (leading to either 1 place or 2) or 1 banner going to 1 place?
  • Current thought is one banner to one location for both Board and FDC From April 20-29.
  • When FDC deadline passes then banner can either stay the same for board candidates only or be switched to more board specific banner.
  • Links on banner
  • Best to have limited links, whole banner go to one location (except for close button and translate link)
  • Brainstorm banner text ideas (see below)
  • Ruslik concerned that it should call out elections specifically, if it doesn't people may ignore it not realizing what it is.
  • James agrees though also concerned that they may be more likely to write it off if they aren't planning to run if they just see it's a candidate call.
  • KTC thinks we need to balance against "It's only an election, close it"
  • James proposes calling out that it's time for elections and inviting to help find diverse candidates
  • KTC suggests something about leadership of the Wikimedia Foundation
  • "Learn more and help find diverse candidates to lead the Wikimedia Foundation"
  • Where should banner point too? Page of it's own that links to the main page or have letters on Main page?
  • KTC going to play around with some display options
  • Possibly a nice border around the first few sentences with arrow click that expands the whole letter.
  • Something like the background of
  • What other pages should be translated by Monday? At least the main page and the rules pages for each election.
  • James to send out notes later tonight, will send out banner text ideas to let list come to quick consensus now.