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Oylama yöntemleri ve platformları

Single Transferable Vote on SecurePoll will be used in this year's election.

Candidacy process

Shortlisting candidates (if necessary)

The benchmark is a shortlist of 12 candidates (since there are 4 open seats). After the confirmation of the candidates’ eligibility, the following process would take place.

  • If there are more than 15 candidates, trigger an affiliate process that will help to shortlist the candidates using the qualification criteria. This would be how affiliates are involved in a process for “community-and-affiliate seats.” Elections Committee and Affiliates to design the process, and the support team will be responsible for managing and implementing the process.
    • PROPOSAL: Iterate the process we used in 2022 for the affiliate process: request 1 representative for each affiliate to provide endorsements (or alternatively, the default contact point from each affiliate can provide endorsements); they could endorse a maximum of 12 candidates and at the end. The top 12 candidates with the most endorsements from affiliates would make up the shortlisted candidates.
  • Note: the reason the proposal uses the threshold of 15 candidates to trigger this shortlisting process even though the ideal number is 12 candidates is because the 1-3 candidates that are removed might feel ostracized and it would be a lot of work for affiliates to carry out to only eliminate 1-3 candidates from the candidate list.

Community questions for candidates

  • The Elections Committee can select from the community questions for the candidates to answer (suggested number of questions should be 5-7 total to ensure equity).
    • Note: in 2022, there were two separate sets of questions: one from the affiliates, one from the community. In this proposal, there would only be one call for questions (to be shared alongside the call for candidates) whereby anyone – from communities, projects, affiliates, etc. – can suggest questions to ask the candidates.
  • The Elections Committee will finalize the list of questions, which will be shared with the shortlisted candidates.
  • Candidates will provide written responses in English within a specific timeframe. Support staff will coordinate the translation of these responses and upload the English and translated responses to Meta at a designated time.

“Meet the Candidates” Panel

  • Host a panel interview with all shortlisted candidates. This panel will be available virtually with interpretation; and recorded for those who can’t attend live.
  • To ensure equity, the questions will be shared with candidates ahead of time so they can prepare. Support staff will facilitate to make sure there is equal airtime for every candidate.


Phase Milestone Timeline
Candidacy Process & Campaigning Announcement of upcoming election process Nisan 2024
Pre-onboarding for all candidates ("candidates preparedness") Nisan 2024–Ağustos 2024
Call for Candidates and Call for Questions Mayıs 2024 (open for 3 weeks)
Verification of candidates based on legal and candidate criteria A week after the close of the Call for Candidates
Shortlisting candidates (if applicable) Haziran 2024
Campaigning period for candidates Temmuz 2024–Ağustos 2024
Candidates answer questions from community Temmuz 2024
“Meet the Candidates” panel interview Ağustos 2024
Voting & Results Voting period End of August or early September 2024 (open for 2 weeks)
Scrutiny, tally, verification, and preliminary announcement of voting results Within 3 weeks of the close of the voting period
Confirmation Background check and confirmation of elected candidates; Board of Trustees discusses candidates Ekim 2024–Kasım 2024
Board of Trustees vote on elected candidates Aralık 2024

Voter eligibility guidelines

Campaign rules