Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/What communities want to know about candidates

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The Board Election facilitators have been tasked with outreach support for the 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees election.


The facilitators have been learning from what was done in previous elections. We want to know more about how we can support community participation in the Board of Trustees election. We were thinking about how the community reviews the candidates and wondering what would be helpful for the community to know.


What are the things you would like to know about candidates?

We are asking very informally here and on social media. Some Election Volunteers are asking their communities as well.


We will be able to receive responses until 2021-05-26. This will give the facilitators time to share your feedback with the Elections Committee and Board of Trustees ahead of the Call for Candidates.

How to respondEdit

Please let us know what you think and feel free to reply in any language you wish. You may respond here or wherever you see this question. You may also contact a facilitator if you like. Thank you for your feedback!

What are the things you would like to know about candidates?Edit

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