Wikimedia Foundation elections/2021/Meetings/Candidates meet with CEE communities/Chat text

Meeting chat script from "Candidates meet with CEE communities".


22:10:37 From Mehman Ibragimov : in 1.30
22:10:45 From Dariusz Jemielniak : kk, thx
22:12:35 From Iván Martínez : A quoran colleague :)
22:12:53 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : Hi Ivan! :-)
22:14:55 From Vicki Doronina : I don't understand the order of people introduction. Not in an alphabedical order. Not important, but
22:15:34 From Dariusz Jemielniak : I think it is in the order of display in Zoom at Mehman's screen.
22:15:37 From Mehman Ibragimov : I started as it is given on my screen
22:16:10 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : Farah, we have that in common: MBA!
22:18:00 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Lorenzo, you're breaking up
22:18:03 From Dariusz Jemielniak : kill video?
22:18:06 From Vicki Doronina : You are breaking up
22:18:43 From Farah Jack Mustaklem : @Rosie, indeed :)
22:19:48 From Lorenzo Losa : uhm, I'm using my mobile phone line... maybe there are connection issues
22:20:04 From Lorenzo Losa : Did you hear noise? I'm in a fairly noisy place
22:20:13 From Vinicius Siqueira : No.
22:20:14 From Dariusz Jemielniak : a bit, but that's ok.
22:20:21 From Dariusz Jemielniak : a little of white noise, kind of
22:20:24 From Mehman Ibragimov : a little
22:21:49 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Let me CEE...
22:21:55 From Iván Martínez : :P
22:22:17 From Vicki Doronina : Ppl present can type in this chat
22:24:11 From Dariusz Jemielniak : just wondering if reading out what we already wrote makes sense?
22:24:46 From Lorenzo Losa : If there are no question we can also just end the call.
22:25:17 From Vicki Doronina : WE have
22:25:25 From Farah Jack Mustaklem : Vira :)
22:25:29 From Vicki Doronina : There's a raised hand from Vira
22:25:38 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Vira, shoot!
22:26:41 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : O/
22:26:58 From Mehman Ibragimov : Ashwin, Rosie
22:27:31 From Vicki Doronina : O/
22:27:48 From Mehman Ibragimov : Ashwin, Rosie, Vicki
22:28:22 From Vinicius Siqueira : \o
22:29:20 From Dariusz Jemielniak : muted
22:29:40 From Mehman Ibragimov : Rosie, Vicki, Vinicius
22:30:15 From Lorenzo Losa : @Mehman, we should have a clearly stated time limit for answers (this is a general remark, not a complaint on the current speaker! it's useful for regulating ourselves)
22:30:25 From Vicki Doronina : +1
22:30:31 From Dariusz Jemielniak : good idea - also, write the question in the chat
22:30:38 From Dariusz Jemielniak : so that we all answer the same one :)
22:30:49 From Vicki Doronina : +1
22:30:52 From Mehman Ibragimov : Thanks Lorenzo
22:30:54 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : Where is the timer ?
22:31:44 From Dariusz Jemielniak : there is an addon, but unsure about adding it to an existing meeting:
22:32:12 From Mehman Ibragimov : unfortunately not at the moment
22:33:27 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : \o/
22:33:34 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Rosie - definitely, that's what I meant (perhaps I misused a word, as a non-native speaker).
22:33:35 From Iván Martínez : O/
22:34:12 From Farah Jack Mustaklem : +1 to Rosie and Dariusz's response
22:36:58 From Vicki Doronina : Thank you for the question, Vira. Dzjakuj
22:38:55 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : No worries, Dariusz. Movement Strategy Initiative #15 = Regional & thematic hubs, which is why I referred to that word.
22:39:07 From Ravishankar Ayyakkannu : I would like to add a brief answer
22:39:27 From Lorenzo Losa : o/
22:39:36 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Rosie: yeah, I am aware, I just keep forgetting it :) too much tinkering with wifi hubs I guess
22:39:45 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : :)
22:40:34 From Vicki Doronina : we have another raised had - George Melash
22:40:51 From Vicki Doronina : hand
22:41:12 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : I would like to know if language is a barrier between the members of CEE from different countries ?
22:43:45 From Vira Motorko : We have different languages. At the regional CEE conference English was the official language as the only language that could be.
22:44:09 From Vinicius Siqueira : o/
22:44:15 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : \o/
22:44:17 From Dariusz Jemielniak : yes - and that's ok that English is an international language. The only problem is that it hs BOTH global language AND American/British/etc
22:44:20 From Lorenzo Losa : Sorry, my headphones stopped working. I will try reconnecting
22:45:30 From Dariusz Jemielniak : don't worry about the dog :)
22:45:46 From Ashwin Baindur : Farah, whats your dog's name
22:45:50 From Mehman Ibragimov : sorry vinicius
22:45:52 From Farah Jack Mustaklem : Lucky
22:45:59 From Mehman Ibragimov : you’re next
22:46:01 From Ashwin Baindur : Thank you, :)
22:46:06 From Vinicius Siqueira : Thats ok
22:48:27 From Mehman Ibragimov : <3
22:48:28 From Dariusz Jemielniak : a cutie!
22:48:34 From Vicki Doronina : like
22:51:07 From Vicki Doronina : no project is an island
22:51:17 From Mehman Ibragimov : Rosie, Lorenzo, Farah
22:51:25 From Dariusz Jemielniak : no project is isolated
22:51:29 From Vicki Doronina : never mmind, sorry for interrupting
22:52:41 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Wikidata, but for facts!
22:53:29 From Vicki Doronina : There are fact checking sites already. I think our task is keep the articles and other entries fact checked
22:54:14 From Dariusz Jemielniak : the problem of hierarchy of sources applies - there are countries (including the current Polish regime) that will falsify history in official, "academic" books
22:55:40 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Lorenzo: that is correct, the community is somewhat less connected
22:55:41 From George Melashvili : Just to avoid any miscommunication - Japanese wiki was just an example. I believe that some other large projects are also suffering from this problem.
22:55:42 From Vicki Doronina : Yes, this is the tool against bias. We accepted this principle in Armenian -Azerbajani conflict: English and western sources are more reliable than Soviet and especialy Azerbajani or Armenian
22:56:09 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @George: Poland-Germany, the Balkans… plenty of examples
22:57:21 From George Melashvili : @Vicki: Ru wiki is definitely not the one free from such bias, especially when it comes to articles about Ukraine or Georgia
22:57:33 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : Some languages are historically isolated from the “knowledge” because people used languages like English to get knowledge and information until recently. Understanding about reliable sources, gaining perspective of neutrality of sources, etc., comes with a lot of painstaking work for those language editors. So, needs a lot of skill development support in those languages.
22:57:34 From Vinicius Siqueira : There is a virtual tour right now to na Italian palace
22:57:36 From Vicki Doronina : I know
22:57:47 From George Melashvili : @Dariusz: indeed, Danzig was a good example
22:58:04 From lorenzo : i had to move.... they are cloasing
22:58:18 From Mehman Ibragimov : ok Lorenzo
22:58:26 From Vicki Doronina : But RuWika is trying to regulate the conflicts around Ukraine and Georgia
22:58:27 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : We are happy to see the palace. Thanks Lorenzo. :-)
22:58:31 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Lorenzo: admit that you just want to impress us with your medieval palace backgrounds ;)
22:58:41 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : :-)
22:59:05 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Vicki: and that is just the beginning. The regimes have resources to train hostile editors
23:01:14 From Vicki Doronina : So far they are not doing a good job. The unpaid "patriots" are more dangerous, especially when they are admins.
23:01:29 From Farah Jack Mustaklem : @Rosie, your cat looks like it's enjoying this call :)
23:01:44 From Mehman Ibragimov : Pavan, Dariusz, Vinicius, Rosie
23:01:54 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : I think she is! (Her name is Maggie May)
23:01:56 From lorenzo : sorry can someone write the question? i got distracted trying to undestand where i have to go...
23:01:59 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Vicki: especially in smaller communities this can effectively radicalize the project. The larger ones are somewhat more resilient to such attacks
23:02:10 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Lorenzo: should the WMF invest more in tools for the editors/
23:02:22 From Iván Martínez : @Vicki @Dariusz Absolutely, that’s what is happening, and it is concerning in places where Wikimedians are identifiable.
23:02:32 From Vira Motorko : To this question: Example of undersupported tools – maps and graphs.
23:02:58 From Ashwin Baindur : @Rosie, Maggie May needs to be rewarded for her participation :)
23:03:23 From Iván Martínez : +1 Vira, it’s true
23:03:26 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : She’s thinking about running for the BoT in 2022, so listening and learning.
23:03:31 From Mehman Ibragimov : :)
23:03:55 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : @Vira : which kind of development do you need for graphs and maps ?
23:04:08 From Mehman Ibragimov : Vinicius, Rosie, Ashwin
23:05:30 From lorenzo : +1 on maps!
23:05:38 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : A small script we improved (not me, I just gave the inputs) in our language-wikipedia helped us to improve 25,000 stubs to start class. :-)
23:05:52 From Mehman Ibragimov : Rosie, Ashwin, Lorenzo
23:06:00 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : I know how it feels to not be able to write a code but know that small piece of code makes my life as a user better :-)
23:06:04 From Dariusz Jemielniak : some tools reduce the amount of work from several minutes to 2 seconds
23:06:09 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : Yup
23:06:20 From Dariusz Jemielniak : so it is a HUGE improvement on the most precious resource (volunteer time)
23:06:43 From Dariusz Jemielniak : the Board does not make decisions about the tools, but I think that we should introduce NEW WAYS of gathering feedback for tool priorities
23:06:51 From Vira Motorko : @Pascale Many tools, including these, need maintenance. It's not enough that they exist, they have to be curated.
23:07:04 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : Yes, @Dariusz, Especially for smaller wikipedias (we have 10-15 active users :-( ) it is Huge
23:07:26 From Dariusz Jemielniak : same for functionaries - stewards perform many functions MANUALLY
23:07:53 From Dariusz Jemielniak : so prioritization is key and aggregated feedback is crucial - otherwise the developers are sort of guessing
23:08:33 From Ravishankar Ayyakkannu : To @vira, @george I could not answer your first two questions due to time constraints. I strongly believe there are certain problems that are common to the whole global community including CEE. I would insist that relevant movement strategy priorities like more equity for local chapters be implemented to solve this. For other unique issues of the CEE region, first I would commit to the representatives of the community of the region and make sure the board is informed about that.
23:08:47 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : @Dariusz So true… But chatting on tools and sharing tips is what the Community does all the time and it's so that they build a group and a community (with no women at all in that specialized discussions).
23:09:00 From Ravishankar Ayyakkannu : *commit to listen to the representatives
23:09:30 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Pascale: this is pretty much because these discussions are baces in obscure platforms, not friendly for non-technical discussions and quite unfriendly
23:09:55 From Dariusz Jemielniak : why can't we have proper feedback, like Upvoty or Uservoice, but open source and ours?
23:11:02 From Dariusz Jemielniak : To be fair, we developed a number of really amazing tools that finally work, too :)
23:12:00 From Vicki Doronina : Rose, what is the name of the tool you've mentioned?
23:12:08 From Dariusz Jemielniak : ORES
23:12:21 From Vicki Doronina : tnx
23:12:34 From Iván Martínez :
23:12:36 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : Yes, ORES. Thanks, Dariusz.
23:12:41 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Lorenzo, you're breaking up
23:12:42 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : Thanks, Ivan.
23:13:18 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : @Dariusz For graphs and maps, so far as I see, people tinker with some softwares but achieve to do a lot of graphs and maps (see Covid related articles).
23:13:43 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Pascale: true. Also, Wikidata has really neat map visualizations
23:15:26 From Mehman Ibragimov : 15 minutes left
23:15:41 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : @Dariusz More than Tools, we need trainings. Why not make video courses in English with subtitles ?
23:16:14 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Pascale: absolutely, great idea! Any affiliate can do that, actually (and get funded)
23:16:34 From Dariusz Jemielniak : but the Foundation can probably do that, too
23:16:49 From Vicki Doronina : Vira, do you have another questions?
23:17:01 From Vicki Doronina : I saw your raised hand
23:17:30 From Vira Motorko : No, I don't have other questions.
23:19:25 From Dariusz Jemielniak : How do you contribute to finding the new CEO and C-levels?
23:24:27 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : Besides the open CEO position, there are several empty C-level positions. Filling some of them after the CEO is onboarded makes sense, and probably the new BoT members will probably have some voice in that process.
23:24:46 From lorenzo : Oh yes, that's true
23:25:02 From lorenzo : most c-levels hiring will probably take time
23:25:08 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : Nearly 30 positions. We can all Apply :-)
23:25:10 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : Indeed.
23:25:27 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : @Lorenzo: indeed.
23:25:56 From Dariusz Jemielniak : @Rosie: well, typically the CEO has large freedom in shaping the team, but I'm sure that whoever she (or he) is, will be reasonable and will listen to trustee advice :)
23:26:16 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : @Dariusz, that’s my assumption, too.
23:26:27 From Dariusz Jemielniak : questions to answer in one word? ;)
23:26:52 From Dariusz Jemielniak : many thanks to the bold four!!
23:26:52 From Vicki Doronina : Thank you, Mehman
23:27:03 From Maciej Nadzikiewicz : if you were a type of food which one would you be? :P
23:27:05 From Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight : When is the Russian community meeting?
23:27:06 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : Thanks !
23:27:10 From Dariusz Jemielniak : Mehman, many thanks for your facilitation and professionalism
23:27:19 From Vinicius Siqueira : Thank you everyone! Thank you Mehman!
23:27:55 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : Thanks for participation and interesting questions!
23:28:13 From Pascale Camus-Walter (she/her) : @Maciej advocate !
23:28:17 From Vicki Doronina : thank you, everybody. it lamost tanked
23:28:24 From Vicki Doronina : almost
23:29:00 From Dariusz Jemielniak : pierogi!
23:29:07 From Pavan Santhosh Surampudi : I am dark chocolate
23:29:09 From Iván Martínez : Tacos of course!
23:29:16 From Vicki Doronina : draniki (rosti)
23:29:50 From Iván Martínez :