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Nilulugod na $USERNAME,

You are eligible to vote in the 2017 elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates projects such as $ACTIVEPROJECT. The Board of Trustees is the decision-making body that is ultimately responsible for the long term sustainability of the Foundation, so we value wide input into its selection.

The voting phase lasts from 00:00 UTC May 1 to 23:59 UTC May 14. To vote, go to <>. More information on this election can be found at <>. To remove yourself from future notification, please add your user name at <>.

You may also wish to know that, launching this week, the Wikimedia movement is undertaking the second round of its Wikimedia movement 2030 strategy discussions. During the first discussion cycle <> community members from groups of Wikipedia and sister project communities, affiliates, and other organized groups have contributed over 1800 statements. In the current cycle <>, you are invited to discuss the key themes derived from the communities guidance, focusing on the well-being of the communities, the role of technology, and how to think about knowledge in the future. Help shape the future framework of the Wikimedia Foundation, its communities, and affiliated groups across the world.