Wikimedia Foundation doesn't own Wikiversity

(English) This is an essay. It expresses the opinions and ideas of some Wikimedians but may not have wide support. This is not policy on Meta, but it may be a policy or guideline on other Wikimedia projects. Feel free to update this page as needed, or use the discussion page to propose major changes.

While Wikiversity is a project in the constellation of Wikimedia projects and resides in the Wikimedia servers, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc does not own Wikiversity. Wikiversity is a community. She is owned, through the licences of the learning resources, by her contributors.

As a host, Wikimedia Foundation provides the server, resources and technical support; in return, the community constructs a platform for online educational activies to help glorify the name of Wikimedia. Wikiversity participants also participate in the Wikimedia-wide election of Trustees. Therefore the Board of Trustees are *to some extent* answerable to the community.

As a centralised agency, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, may provide corporate and legal assistance to Wikiversity. And in the event of litigations involving Wikiversity or her participants, the Wikimedia Foundation may censor educational contents.

It is unclear how much the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, should involve themselves in cross-project disputes. In principle, this very Meta-wiki is exactly the place for these matters.